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As I start to put together a list of practitioners that I want to reach out to, to partner with, I thought it would be a great brainstorming thread. Here's what I've got:

The Obvious:

Maybe Less Obvious:

Obscure (your thoughts):

Please feel free to add to the list.

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Dentists make great clients - they've screwed up shoulders, need lots of work and have disposable income.
One of my LMT buddies worked at a dental spa. She didn't like it and I think it's just a weird combo, but the dentist didn't think so. She only stayed there for about 6 months before moving on to work with an acupuncturist.

Yoga teachers are great to get referrals from, esepcially prenatal yoga teachers (if you do prenatal massage).
OBGYNs are also good for prenatal massage referrals.
Pilates instructors, fitness instructors, recreation centers, and martial arts instructors are additional connections to consider
The Osteo's I have partnered with here in the UK have been brill......but I think the title is different in USA ?
hey Steve....yup...we call them Chiropractors.

Stephen Jeffrey said:
The Osteo's I have partnered with here in the UK have been brill......but I think the title is different in USA ?
Hi Lisa,

I have a great working relationship with a counsellor/celebrant, who also works from a center with psychologists and psychotherapists who refer their patients to me as they strongly believe in the mind body connection. I have received feedback that, the massage I give can shift the issue or problem that the therapist has been working on for weeks, in one session. I also refer my clients to these therapists too, and those that use them, find that they have greater success in healing when they combine massage and counselling.

Another great relationship I have made is with the Ashtanga Yoga instructors in my town. I attended their classes, they have massage with me and refer their students.

Other professionals to work with are podiatrists, acupuncturists, midwives and nurses, vets (if you massage animals).

MT's could work really well with Dentistry. Think about all of those patients who have intense fears about going to the dentist or feel very uncomfortable and tense during dental treatments. As an MT, you could perform reflexology or polarity therapy during the treatments and myofascial release work after dental treatments.
I've had a few dance studio owners, over the years, who've been clients and then referred their students too.

Also, my nurse practitioner, a house painter, an acupunturist, hair stylist, mortgage banker, and my real estate agent (all met through a networking group).
Robin reminded me of others that were through a networking groups : A nutritionist and a hypnotist.
It's good to get friendly with a power networker in a networking group. There's a wee woman in the local Chamber of commerce that I'm friends with and she knows everybody and has no hesitation in telling people they need to come see me - she's probably one of the least pretentious people I know. She's brilliant.

Real estate agents are great since they will give out cards in their welcome packages that they put in houses. Make up little gift bags to go in their welcome baskets (the good realtors will have some sort of welcome package given in the houses) and put some discount coupon in them.

Also, I second that hairstylists and nail techs are really great referral sources. They also make great clients - know to show up on time, tip well etc. I give selected ones little containers with free combs for their clients with my business names on the combs and a $10 off-your-first-massage coupon attached with "Sally's clients get $10 off...blah blah blah" then when I get 5 referrals I give the hairstylist a free massage. Some will even get gift certs in bulk for their clients at Christmas.

Neighborhood associations are also a referral source. Ours lets me put a free ad in our little newsletter that's delivered to every house in the association.
In our 8 years of running a multi-therapist practice, we've found some 'Power Partners' that were surprisingly great referral sources, and we could easily refer to as well...many times, you can really refine who you reach out to depending on your niche market or specialty. With our chronic pain and athletic clients, we found acupuncturists, chiropractors, Naturopathic Docs, running/biking club coordinators, yoga instructors and personal trainers. Working with prenatal clients, we often inter-refer with midwives, childbirth educators, a photographer and a personal chef (think cooking 2 wks worth of meals, and leaving them in the freezer for a family with a new baby). A powerful networking tool, if you have some space, is to put a board up with business cards of quality businesses in your town. If you don't have space, you can at least have a business card book, which you can share with them, while closing your client's transaction.
skin care
natural health practitioners
personal trainers
Dentists are the next new thing with intraoral massage being taught now in WA State and being accepted more. It can help with tmj and bruxism and other problems with the jaw. I am not sure but think maybe only WA allows working in the mouth. Can you work in the mouth in other states?

I think it depends on how you want to focus your practice. There are so many professions in healthcare to align with. Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are a good connection. If you like geriatric work then Elder Care Providers are good or Hospices. If you do TMJ work network with Dentists that are open to healing without surgery. Oncologists more and more refer Lymphatic Massage. There is almost unlimited networks in healthcare today. The important thing is to follow the parts of this profession that gives you personal growth and reward.
My office receives dentist referrals several times a week for TMJ work. Someone who is good at that would fit right into a dentist office.

Then you have naturopaths, osteopaths, midwives, doulas, herbalists, aromatherapists, personal trainers, clinical social workers, estheticians, cosmetologists, nurse practitioners....

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