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Partnering with a natural foods store or a golf course/tournament?

We had a member call who's interested in partnering with a grocery or natural foods store, or a golf course/tournament for the upcoming EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, and we're looking for input from anyone who's had experience partnering with these types of businesses for a promotional event.

What tips, tricks, and suggestions do you have for someone that's looking to partner with a natural foods store or a golf event?

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In the past Ive done the golf event thing and didnt get any referals from it at all... Did a bunch of free chair massages, wasnt worth it... And every health food store Ive been in has tons of massage flyers and cards posted on their boards including mine. Nothing .... So from my perspective..Its a dead end... But again, thats only my experience.

Golf Courses/Tournaments


As an avid tournament golfer, I can tell you that is not the place for massage.

As a massage business owner, I can tell yout that is not the place for massage.


Though golf is seen as a game for the affluent, the best massage customers are the country club members and many clubs now have a massage room for that purpose.


Back when the economy was booming, we had a 1/2 page write up in THE regional golf magazine in our area touting our services for golf events, post round home visits and services for golf widows. We got 0 appointments from the exposure...

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