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I'm restarting my practice, this time in a new state, and despite the fact that I have everything I need I'm wanting to redo a few things.

First, what company did you use for your business cards and/or promotional items? I'm wondering if a new company or two may have started up in the past couple years that I could check out instead of the typical vistaprint..

And second, what intake form do you use? Did you make your own? Because I'm feeling like this time I'd like to make my own intake form, so that I can ask certain questions that were not on my previous one..

And lastly, do you use SOAP notes in your practice or do you keep any form of record of the session? I initially used SOAP notes, but am questioning formatting my own type of SOAP this time around..

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

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That's great news about the restart. where did you move to?

i would a graphic designer...that vistaprint is your best bet. you really can't beat their prices or their quality for that price.

i am fairly new to the massage world. i adjusted my school's intake form to fit my style, etc.

and someone posted this on the forum

seems like a great all round program for client data, financial data and soap notes. haven't actually used it yet but plan on buying it soon.
I use Vistaprint for my business cards, postcards, magnets. Their letterhead and brochures are either more expensive than I'm interested in paying for, or not suitable for my needs, so I print those myself at home.

I started with ABMP's intake form, but after enough no-shows, I opted to create my own form to add in a cancellation policy and a few other personal preferences, such as Primary/Alternate phone numbers for clients.

Yes, I do use SOAP notes. Again, started with ABMP's, but then when I got an insurance client, I needed WAY more room to write, so I made my own. Had to search online forever to find a body pic to use though!

I just looked at the link Lisa provided, and that looks awesome too! I'm gradually pulling away from my paper routine way of doing things, but I don't think I'm ready for that jump yet. Also, don't have a computer in my massage room, so not sure I CAN take that step w/out a laptop.
I use for my business cards. afterwards they send you opportunities to get some free products. some cool things!
I always write down notes on every client that I work on.I even make special notes on things that they be experiencing in their personal life as well.
you can google for Intake forms as well.
Good Luck!
There are several websites out there that sell business cards for massage therapists. Here are a couple of them other than VistaPrint.

As for forms, I tend to use forms on and update them to work for myself. There are SOAP note forms on there also.

Hope these help.
Thank you everyone!


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