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OK, we have a site "mulling it over" but things are looking really good.


The next step is for everyone to gather all the materials to decide what we have and how many of each. Too many duplicates are silly since space is costly. So if you could all create a list of what you would like to donate to the repository, send it to :


Project Home

PO Box 353

Roaring River, NC 28669


we will create a master-list and send it to them.


The school or their representative will then contact you about your donation to the repository.


Thank you so much!

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It sure would be nice to know where the site is located, school, how will it be financed? Donations? Etc, Etc, Etc, Can we please have some details. Too much mystery. Thanks Micheal. You work very diligently for the benefit of all of us.
It will all be known soon. Just need to get the materials ready. Nothing wrong with a little mystery!!!
Where it is going will make a lot of difference to me... I don't mind mystery when it doesn't matter. I want to be sure it is going into hands I can trust.
Understood Rev, just getting ground work done, while the "mulling it over" time is taking place. As soon as I know for sure, so will everyone else.


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