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What do you guys think of this name for a business:
Massage center

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More important, what will potential clients think? 

It's a cute, fun name and describes a feeling many massage recipients feel. It is also an 'easy to remember' rhyming name. Does the name appeal to your target market? Will it attract the clients you want? What type of image does it project? Is it a good reflection on your experience and professionalism?

My first impression is a massage studio that is fun and very casual.  I probably would not go there for a medical/therapeutic/clinical/sports massage, but might go if I was looking to relax after a tough day.  I'd also need a good recommendation from someone.

Lots to think about when choosing a name. I don't know you personally Albert, but the name may be perfectly appropriate for your personality. Good luck with your new business. 

I hate to be blunt, but I think it is terrible.

Following on Laurie's comments, with my own first impression... I would never go there; I would automatically assume that no one knew what they were doing.

It doesn't sound professional, and "loosey goosey" sounds like a group of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Certainly not what I'd use for a high-income area, which is where I think I recall you stated you were going to be.

OK.  So, the name is still sticking with me, so maybe I am very wrong.

I am wondering, if you hire a company to create an ultra-slick marketing campaign, if you could pull it off.

Perhaps using a very well drawn high-end looking goose (glitz and glam) on a massage table, for the logo?

Oh, and you may also like this thread at BWOL... Great Business Names.

I was more worried that people’s mind was gonna go to the gutter, but I I think I just have some immature friends :)

Oh, I think that is a reasonable expectation, even though I didn't state it in my original response.  A proper marketing firm may be able to help alleviate that possibility. 

But, without the right marketing, you run the risk.  And you don't want to subject your employees to having to fend off pervs.

 As mentioned with needing a slick campaign with your idea (because you don't want anyone to get the wrong idea)...

Try - you can put up your parameters and then get logo designs.  Paid guarantee brings out the best designers. 

I think it's not a good name. But it might work. Consider hiring a good marketing company to promote this brand and it may be not as bad as it seems for the first sight

Sounds a little creepy to me. haha! Actually, I would just use your real name as people prefer a personal touch.  That's why I chose Wolford Clinic for mine.


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