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I just had my busyest for 18mts.... 19 clients = 24hrs in total (I swore I was never going over 20 hrs ever again ?)
Had a real interesting case, 30yr old female, 8 yrs of back pain and headaches, visiting UK from Sydney for 3 weeks, she was only booked in for 1 hr, but took 25 mins to tell her tale of woe (you just gotta listen intently and let these chronic clients tell the full story or you havent immersed yourself enough !).
2 hrs after she got on the couch she bounced outa my front door..... yea it was one of those intirgrated sessions that got more and more intigrated as it went on she says she's coming back again before she heads home ?

Did I overdo it ?...........I will let you know zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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My week.... Ever had one of those weeks when practically everybody has to cancel and reschedule? That was me. I can't really tell them all that they're screwing with my bills, can I?!?!?? If so let me know and I'll start making some phone calls right now! ;)
I had a very interesting client Saturday,He was 62,very tall and slim.A very active man,Hikes,bicycles about 150 miles per week.Yoga so on..He is a cancer survivor.He lost his left lower lobe of his lung ten years ago.So amazing the human spirit.
Last week was a very busy week for me too.Seems like it gets busy around the Holidays.
Yup, I had one of those weeks last week...half my bookings rescheduled (for tomorrow, all six of them!) and the others cancelled for now...Gee, don't they know that this week isn't as convenient for me? I guess I'll tolerate the inconvenience so long as it means I'm not poor...I'm not especially looking forward to the exhaustion tomorrow night, though!


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