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This book explores and explains neuroplasticity, its history, case studies, ongoing research, revolutionary therapies, and some of the incredible implications of neuroplasticity in the future. Though I'm still finishing this book, it has given me a multitude of ideas about how to work with my clients, particularly those with long-term issues.


Some of those ideas are already bearing fruit, and I am excited to see what the long-term possibilities may be. If you enjoy learning about neuro concepts and applications, I strongly recommend this book. It is very well-written, with plenty of citations to back-check and yet easily accessible to the layperson.

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Thanks for the tip; I added it to my amazon cart. I've recently been reading a lot of books on quantum physics, consciousness and healing. This looks like it might fit wit those interests.

3o mins with Norman Doidge definately not to be missed=


10 min explanation.


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