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i will be taking my mblex exam in about 4 weeks. i have the outline on the percentages of what will be on it. but i would like to know more about what type of questions and how detailed they are? has anyone taking it lately that can help me out so i'm not going in there nervous and blind to what to expect. 

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Hi Teresa!  I have yet to take the MBLEx... not until the end of April.  There has however been a bit of dialogue about the two exams in the "Massage Students" group here:

Maybe some of these former students have some more insight for you.  Good Luck!! :)

I took my MBlex in November 2011, best way to prepare is the study guide. I purchased it from the school. Each test is different..but I highly recommend that you study the muscles, attachment site, where they originate(start), and the action. There are also a lot of ethic questions. Good luck!

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