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I just finished reading Dr. Bruce Lipton's and Steve Bhaerman's book "Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and how to Get There fr...

It is a great book that talks about the micro-level, the cells that make-up our body, and then moves on to discuss the macro level, the humans, who are the 'cells' of humanity. 

I find the information in this book totally relevant to the healing arts, so I wanted to share with the people of this forum and to solicit feedback if you would like to share.

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Hi Emmanuel

I have just watched all 7 and am totally blown away by his concepts regarding the cells. I am going to look futher into this and get a copy of his book.

Thanks so much for highlighting this :)

Stress is not good.

Emmanuel, I found this series to be fascinating stuff--I watched all 7. 

Here's another by Lipton that discusses quantum physics and energy fields.


I have expressed skepticism about energy work.  But this clip made me think.


The guy is a great communicator.

Thanks for this Gary,

It brings me towards the possibilities of

rather than taking me away from it as a possibility. 

A great communicator with charisma methinks :) 

Gary W Addis said:

Emmanuel, I found this series to be fascinating stuff--I watched all 7. 

Here's another by Lipton that discusses quantum physics and energy fields.


I have expressed skepticism about energy work.  But this clip made me think.


The guy is a great communicator.

Stephen/Gary, thank you for enjoying the links.  It is definitely an enlightening and empowering perspective.  




Since everyone seems to like what he's saying - can any of you find any holes in his argument?

Vlad, he makes several points, about epigenetics, about evolution based on cooperation as opposed to survival of the fittest, about the ability of cells to change spontaneously based on their environment, about the nucleus vs. the membrane of the cell being the 'brain' of the cell, about the possible existence of a 'field' - which argument in particular?



Any of them. 

Yeah, I'm more open to...whatever, than I was when the other thread was hot, and confrontational.

I've just begun my first class in the Eastern massage techniques, which, due to time constraints is a hodgepodge of modalities.  Frankly, I don't know whether I will ever "get it,"  I remain skeptical about polarity, therapeutic touch, etc.  I don't see the aura that other students claim to see.  However, I have felt heat, and electricity when hovering palms over and around my partner's scalp & shoulders.  Is it something ethereal, or just static electricity and body heat?  Something that may be unique to me: when I hold a single hand up, palm open, I don't feel any special sensation till the blood begins to drain, but when I face another's palm, or even my own, after a few seconds I feel an overwhelming need to curl my hand.  Is this sensation due to subconscious resistance to energy exchange, that psychologically I feel vulnerable?  I will really really try to open my mind to feel whatever there is to feel. As much as 40% of NCBTMB exam can be composed of questions about the energy modalities.

Another energy-work class I'm simultaneously taking restricts itself to shiatsu, which I find easier to accept-- in it, at least I am allowed to contact tissue as I follow the meridians.  In the time available we won't be taught individual tsubo (there must be several hundred)... we compress by instinct every couple of inches as we follow one of the twelve meridians. 


I am drawn to clinical massage, NMT, MFR, PNF and the like, because I receive immediate feedback about whether I have relieved the client's pain.  And already I can usually locate a "hot" TrP by touch alone.  Sometimes, there's the telltale knot that a novice can feel, sometimes it's as if the tissue begins talking to me personally when I begin applying lotion.


But Lipton surely made me think about communication within the body, and the body's relationship to environmental triggers.  He helped me to comprehend the body as more than a computer-controlled machine, and its interplay with the Universe on the quantum level.  I am not religious, but I am spiritual.  I can't accept the 7-day creation theory.  But I do accept that on the subatomic (magic string??) level, our bodies are influenced by events happening a thousand light years away as well as around the corner in the convenience store.

Vlad, that's a bit open ended, isn't it?  Is there something specifically in what Dr. Lipton has said that strikes you as odd, or is it "all of it"?   


Have you found any holes in epigenetics?




Yes, it's open-ended, because I wondered if everyone has just given all of what he said the thumbs up. 

I'm not going to pick on any one thing specifically since I can kind of predict what will happen if I did that.  What I wonder about is the level of acceptance for this, that's all. 

You guys can't find any holes in any of it. 

Fair enough.  We'll leave it at that. 

Its old news really...There are tons of books on on related subjects.. All interesting for sure...One thing that has helped me be a better massage therapist( I think?) is to look at other fields, concepts and philosophies, and see what I can integrate into my massage work. Thats whats happening with this thread..  Instead of just studying massage books and techniques that everyone else is looking at. I dont just want to copy some massage guru s technique.. I want to create my own.  Now Im looking at The Lovett Brother obscure chiropractic concept...Even if I pick up a comic book..I might come across a new concept to work with. The search for truth or something? lol. .  Here is a Lovett Brother chart.

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