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Welcome! It has been over a year and I'm sure you all have new works to submit.


The Show is where massage therapists can showcase their "other" talents; whether it be art, poetry, photography, crafts or whatever talent you wish to share.


Last year's, Show was a tremendous success! We will begin accepting work immediately for Show II and accept until....Jan. 15, when we will tell everyone to come look. So just start adding your work under this discussion and here we GO!

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Kick-off with photo from Ryan Hoyme AKA Massage Nerd of Kevin Snedden spinning fire at the WMF in KY!

This is a drawing I did with a ball point pen about 30 years ago; just letting the pen go where it wanted to go without thinking. I had no idea what it was going to be.

1967, I was already playing professionally. I played guitar professionally until 1985, when my daughter was born.


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