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After going to a four star hotel and sitting around..basically not getting paid for our time....although they'll debate it.
I realized the laments of fellow therapists is basically the same...we are a commodity... we take care of others we hear aches and pains of others all the time and we help them . but our needs are overlooked..where others profit from us.. In this economy our "private clients" are holding back.Our financial freedom is insecure.
After watching most of my fellow workers go bankrupt.. I'm putting this out to the massage community.
We can get together and find some answers. Sure we can protest...refuse to work there...or just complain...Is it working? I don't think so.
. I watched Capitalism a Love affair...Michael Moore
I watched people at bread factory get together and were making $60,000 a year because they got a share of the profits.
Highly trained professionals like Pilots who fly our planes are ... making less than half than these factory workers!
. I realized I need to get proactive..Its time therapists and other professionals get what they deserve.
"fairness" At least able to attract money even when the economy is slow.
Here is my Idea... if we all do it together it will definitely work.. I can't do it without helping you and you can't do it without helping me.
I want this to be our" Union "...a positive one. Imagine making money even when you are not working!
It is a health drink endorsed by Deepak Chopra .Zrii
. I believe it is MY Health-care Insurance.
The of us just don't have the minimum $120...and are fearful of an auto-ship charge per month.
But if we get on a list..when we reach 10 people and enroll together . then actually make your autoship with the extra income every month .not to mention the $5,000 bonus check when we collectively reach a certain volume.
We'll have the list constantly building whether by clients or each other...And since you can keep empty bottles and get full moneyback...except for shipping..What can we lose.?
I'm going to Quote Deepak Chopra
."When you feel a new impulse, an uplifting thought ,an insight that you have never acted upon, embrace the unknown. Cherish it as tenderly as a newborn child, God lives in the unknown and when you can embrace it fully, YOU Will Be Free!

Lets get proactive...Start feeling the possibilities. Uncertainty can lead to endless potentiality !
Call me. E-mail
Let's start the list.
727 866-9553

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I also have watched Capitalism...a love affair and Sicko and Food Inc and Religulous and several other documentaries. While I don't always agree with the politics or the view point, I am always thankful for the information presented. I can mull it over and decide what I think. I don't know if "unionizing" Reiki is the answer. First of all, you have to get all the factions and all the branches together and be in harmony of spirit.

I understand your desire to add other modalities and profit-making/profit-sharing techniques to your business. I applaud you for your effort. Few in our industry try because they don't want to come across or be "sales"-people. It's too bad they feel that way.

Let the group know how your business is doing.


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