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Hey all! There is a group of us on here that are uniting on Facebook as well. Please let us know where to find you on Facebook if you would like to participate! If you have a "personal" Facebook account, please "fan" those of us who are listing our Business accounts. Those of you who have "Business" accounts, please list each others business accounts on your "favorite" pages list. This is just to help each other out. I know, personally, that I have a lot of people who vacation all over the place and if they are going to your area, they have something that they can "identify" with. Our clients are much more likely to schedule an appointment with someone on vacation if they have a good referral! So, please get in on the fun and start networking!

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Hi there!

You can find me @

Nicola Hogan Massage Therapy on facebook

It works! Being new to this town (just over a year now) I have found this social networking tool to be essential to my marketing and connecting with people in town.

Love it!
O.k., I must admit that this is what made me join FaceBook in the first place!!! My account is brand new; I only have 1 picture up. I thought I'd come to this site and thank you, Marissa! My site is under Calm Bodies Therapeutic Massage. Once I figure out how to find all of you I will add you to my favorites.
On FB LLW Massage & Bodywork
MASSAGE Magazine is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Connect with us!
Hi my FB account is under Ashia Walker anyone therapist in town and wanna have lunch or dinner please let me know. I could use the advice and table talk. :)
My business is under Essential Healing and Massage on facebook.
I'm in the Western Suburbs of Chicago,
My "outside" link is

I think this is a great idea for cross promotion.
Helen Floyd
Hey all,

Abaton Center of Healing Arts is listed on Facebook

My facebook is under my name Joan Errington. I am just starting a new business and am looking forward to getting to know everyone.
I just set up my business page on FB. It is:

E. P. Massage Therapy

I can't get the link to work.
I have a page for my business on FB.....just go to Living Hands.

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