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I am currently a student of RMT. I am hoping to get some advice on how to not burn yourself out mentally and physically? Do you have any tips or tricks for me to incorporate into my life now as a student?

Thank you,

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I am not so good at providing advice on burnout as a broad subject, but I know the BWOL forum inside and out, and pulled you some old threads from there which may be helpful.  In some of those I have provided specific input for questions when able.

In case you wonder why I pulled threads from there instead of here... I don't usually pull old threads from this forum because I have such a difficulty locating ones that are beneficial, without a having to put in a huge amount of effort and when I do that I still only get minimal results.

Maybe someone who knows where old threads are on this forum can give you links for those.

I hope this will help:

This may be a bit off the subject, but it fits into the topic, and it's interesting.

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