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Welcome to Massage School!


Because you all have one common thread, lets talk about that. How is massage school going for you so far? What do you love? Do you have any fears?


Please post, and invite other MT students you know to join too!






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I appreciate this.

Erin Romanin said:

See my previous reply about gender roles.


Regarding the exam review; there are two you should check out. The MBlex Study Guide ( and theMassage Review ( The Massage review is a little more expensive, but is relevent to both of the national exams; the MBlex and the NCE. The MBlex Study Guide is, of course, specific to that exam. Good luck!

Frank Michel said:

Thanks for the invite.  I hear that men don't usally get hired to work as massage therapist.  Am I wasting my time?  And what's the best way to prepare for the National exam?
All the comments related to the male MT issues were very helpful. I had/have the same concerns. Thank you everybody for the posts!
Welcome Mike, thanks for joining us!

Thank you, Erin, for the invite. I am actually, right now, surrounded by my Trail Guide to the Body books, flashcards, DVD and workbook studying for my very-first-quarter anatomy final next week. :D I am studying at the Colorado School of Healing Arts. In my mere 2 months here at the beginning of my journey, I have found my home both in massage and in CSHA. Never have I felt such a strong energy radiating inside of a building. I felt it the first time I walked in, as most people I have met (students, staff who are graduates, prospective new students) have said as well. There is much love here, and it is not even close to only being about classwork (which is very intensive, but all fits together so seamlessly). We are encouraged to share ourselves with each other in class time circles, where we sit and talk and "create space" for each other by providing a safe, loving environment for each other, and listen to each other. This focus on connection carries to the tables and to our lessons on creating a very professional, yet loving space for our clients. We are being taught how to work from the heart, and it is beautiful. We have an assignment for our last class a week from next Tuesday. It is a "gift from the heart" that we can present to the class as a "thank you" for being part of our journey and being a part of our lives. I have a poem started and start to tear up every time I work on it further. This is a special time in my life, and my heart is so wide open to accept this new beginning into what I can't hardly even just call a "career," but a lifestyle.

I am enrolled in the AOS degree program, specializing in sports massage (I'm an athlete of many flavors lol) and spa sciences, for the peaceful, zen side of massage. CSHA has developed a program called Trauma Touch that is unique to the school, approaching the effects of past or current traumatic events with massage. I will be focusing on that later in my 2-year curriculum. I have a feeling that I will have taken every single class offered by the end, though. :)

I wish everyone a peaceful journey through school. Namaste

Hi, I just finished my first quarter in Massage Therapy at Miller-Motte Technical College. I'm really excited that I've gotten through my first quarter, and am already eagerly waiting for the next quarter to start. I hope that some day that I will run my own health and wellness center. I do have many fears about the future, but the one that I will hurt myself in someway that will prevent me continuing massage therapy.

Welcome, David.  What what state?

I've completed 15 months.  In about 5 months I'll have enough credit hours and supervised massages to qualify for the board exams.  Loving every minute of it.  I'm located in Biloxi, MS


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