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Who or what inspired you? And how long have you been doing it?

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I have been an artist all my 57 years! This may sound gross, but when I was about 18months old my mom would put me down for a nap and I would create sculptures with the contents of my diaper!!!
Not sure what made me want to be an artist, sometimes its the desire to create something with my hands, or to put the inspiration I feel when I'm out in the country, woods, in a city, or to express the colors and shapes that are found in flowers, or various types of vegation. Just plain, expressing my reaction to my enviroment and passing it on to others to enjoy.
Welcome, Judy. We would love to see your work, minus the diaper sculptures, Thanks!
I had a renaissance period in my life as my (5) children got old enough to function without constant attention. I came to the quantum leap of knowledge in that I gave myself 'permission' to explore without judgement. What I mean by that is, most of my life has been so hard focused on 'excellence' and the mindset that we should leave certain things to the 'professionals'. It really started with my last two childbirth experiences, which I chose after careful consideration and education, to experience in my home with a midwife. Those magical moments showed me that I had a power and wisdom within that I needed to explore. I have always loved photography since I was a kid with my 126 kodak instamatic (with the flash cubes on top!). My next medium was sewing. II took sewing lessons and then started creating renaissance costumes (garb). I love to embellish things to make them unique. In 2007,after going on the 'walk to emmaus' I had a resurgence of the musical muse and started playing my guitar again and writing songs. I have a collection of poetry as well, and lately have been exploring different art mediums with a local art teacher.
I guess the answer to the question boils down to the fact that art wasn't a choice, it is a way of life, a flow as natural as breathing. Just like some people have a shallow breathing habit but can be trained in deep breathing, I believe all humans that are created in the image of a very creative God, have it in them to breathe in (learn and explore) and breathe out (manifest and share) their artistic breath and be joined and contribute to the atmosphere of this world.


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