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Im a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist. I started work for a chiropractor and a massage envy as soon as I was finished with school.
The dr. Hired me on at 40% commission and I would be responsible for laundry. The dr. charges 90$ for a full 60 min therapeutic massage. I later found out through co workers that the previous therapist received biweekly checks for laundry.
When I confronted the doc about the laundry the doc said " oh yea, you'll be recieveing 50.00$ total for the month for laundry. As I was new  to the industry at the time I was unaware and oblivious to anything that may have been unfair. I worked for the doc thursday thru Saturday doing 4 patients a day. As time progressed
The doc would tack on more tasks for me, and push me to quit massage envy. When I first started I was doing an hr commute. 4 months into working for the doc she had urged me
To quit massage envy and work for the doc full time. I quit massage envy and started working 5 days a week for the doc. I asked for a raise to 50% commission and more money for laundry or to consider a laundry service. She gave me 50% and now only gives me 100$ a month for laundry. I still have to do laundry on my own time my own washer and my own soap. It's takes me up to 5 hrs a week to do laundry.
When I expressed my distain for laundry and the time and effort it took, the doc simply stated that was apart of the deal upon my being hired that I was fully responsible for laundry. Next issue isy 50% commission, I work for a Chiro which means it's a medical setting. So I receive little to no tips and it's certainly not incouraged by the doc or staff to tip me. That's..... understandable to say the least.
However as I mentioned before the doc has managed to tack on additional tasks for me to perform other than massage. The doc has me answering phones, running front desk checking in and out the chiropractic patients. The doc also has me booking my own patients checking them in and out and pushing our massage package on patients and forcing them to make their follow up appointments before they leave.
The doc has me checking in and even putting and taking patients on and off electrical stimulation. The doc has me arrive 15 mins early and I have 15 mins between each patient "to give a break, bathroom, breather, change sheets, sit and relax untill next patient". I'm more often then not in office before anyone else arrives and leave after everyone else is gone. I'm constantly left alone in the office at closing time
With both male or female patients, which I've expressed my discomfort with. I receive no benifits and no pay for any time spent outside of actualy massaging.  Im not paid for no shows or cancelations as the doc cannot charge insurances and if their not paying with insurance the doc likes to remain on good terms with patients, and picks and chooses who the doc will and will not enforce the cancelation no show policy we supposedly have.
So my question here is am I being treated unfairly or is it all just in
My head? I've not had any work the entire month of June and the docs excuse for this was that people r on vacay for summer. The doc then proceeded to say I need to be a go getter and call my patients and try to book my self. The doc has 4 receptionists!!!! Why am I a massage therapist being expected to do front desk work?
I'm pretty sure I'm being mistreated here, but I wanted to get an outside perspective. I thought I was making good money, and i love my patients and what I do. I just reached my one yr mark for working for this dr. However I'm starting to go crazy and do t feeli like I'm being treated with the respect I deserve. I don't have to work Sundays and the doc is flexible with givinge time off with adequate notice.
Was I crazy for staying in these conditions for a year? And if so what's a proper way to resign from a Chiro? The doc has recently asked me to to put myself thru esthetitian school because she would like to add that to services they offer. However she has not been able to book me for this entire month for massage therapy, I can't imagine taking on another profession right now not under theses conditions. What do u guys think?

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I would definitely be looking elsewhere, I'm sure you can find much better working conditions.  $45 an hour from a chiro is very good if you are only doing massages and nothing else.   Do you have a contract?  What are the conditions?  If it is not stated in a contract that you are responsible for all the "busy" work then I would confront the doc. If you are paid per client, then you should not be doing tasks that don't pertain to massage.  I have not had good luck with chiro offices and have talked to other therapists who have bad experiences as well.  Good luck!

Are you an employee or IC? That one factor determines everything in y our situation

If you are an employee than you should absolutely be paid for every hour you are schedule in the office, regardless of the tasks you are doing. I think 2 weeks is fair and I would definitely ask for all money you are earned it.  If you look hard enough you should be able to find something with similar pay, you also must consider all of the hours you spend working for no pay as that will drastically drop what you are currently making per hour.  How much does the doc value your services?  Are they willing to work with you so you don't leave?  I think it best to always have a contract or some type of paperwork that outlines their expectations from the beginning.

I also work for a Chiro. I have worked for a few through the years. The one I am with now is an amazing DR and helps my business by "talking up" how well the massage and adjustments go better together. She always suggests the clients book with me at least once to see the difference. Thats all I need. One time to touch them and they are hooked. I agree with the DR that you have to be a "go getter". You need the clients to book with you MORE then the DR needs them to. Its all just extra income for the DR business, but its your ONLY income. I rarely have downtime on my schedule unless someone cancels. But when I do, i work as a team player. hooking pts up on Muscle stem and heat. Answering the phone, taking payment and booking new appts. I figure the more IN FRONT of the client I am the better my chances are to getting them on MY books. I dont even make as much as you do per hour. I make 25-30/ hour. Id say if the pay is that great, I would do the little things with a smile and make every encounter with a patient a possible new client for yourself. I bought my own scrubs and had them embroidered with the logo, my name and MASSAGE THERAPIST below it.. gets A LOT of attention. just a few ideas.. good luck  :)

Not necessarily.


So long as your total earnings -- including tips -- exceed # of hours worked * minimum wage for your state, the employer is in compliance. There is no regulation anywhere in the land stating each hour has to have a specific pay tied to it.


If you got paid $100 for each massage, you could work 10 or 11 non-massage hours without an hourly pay rate and still be compliant with the law

Hannah Flynn said:

If you are an employee than you should absolutely be paid for every hour you are schedule in the office, regardless of the tasks you are doing.

The first thing to clarify is whether you are an IC or an employee.  If you are an employee she should be taking taxes out of your paycheck.  

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