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Does anyone have any experience with zero balancing? I just heard about it and was wondering if there were any practitioners that could shed some more light on the modality for me?

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i am going back to take zero balancing 2 this summer, i enjoy intergrating the hold and tech into my therapeutic massage, my clients who are use to energy work feel the relase better then others but i like it tammy

Hi Erica,

I've been a Zero Balancing practitioner for six years and just completed my Zero Balancing Faculty certification. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Zero Balancing is a full-body healing system that works to balance body energy with body structure via the skeletal system. It's rather like acupressure to the bone. The work was developed by Fritz Smith, MD, DO and 5 Element Acupuncturist as a way to touch both energy and structure simultaneously. He's a wonderful man and brilliant mentor, now in his 80s.

It's holistic in nature, hands-on, and received by clients fully clothed and laying supine on a massage table. It's also very easy on me as a practitioner - one of the reasons I started practicing it. The work isn't conversational in nature, but the techniques taught on how to create a "frame" for a session help me and the clients have a deeper and longer lasting impact in a way that I didn't get with straight massage. The work has also taught me a lot about how to listen fully and, when working, bring attention to my fingertips in a way that keeps me focused and grounded.

You can find more information online at my website - or the ZB website:

Contact me anytime at or 206.395.6608



Hi Erica,

Just to add to what Kate said above, Zero Balancing feels wonderful. The touch goes to the level of bone, and its gentle, so it's deep without feeling invasive. I find that when I get a session, it gives me a lot of information about my body. I use ZB alone or woven into a massage session. The full power of ZB comes with a pure ZB session, and it really helps align a person, relieve stress and undo years of tension. More info is on

Amanda King (Certified ZB practitioner, MT in Boston)

Great addition, Amanda!

Wow thanks ladies this is all very helpful! I got into massage therapy due to my interest in acupuncture and the desire to begin bodywork as soon as possible. So as soon as I heard about this modality I was very interested in learning more. I'm also curious to know how would you say this compares to a regular acupuncture/acupressure session?

The big difference is that while acupuncture and acupressure tend to focus on freeing energy in the meridians, Zero Balancing focuses touch on the bones and the joints and freeing energy here. Bones are the deepest and densest tissues in the body and they are actually great conductors of energy. There's a great video where the founder of ZB Fritz Smith talks about this:

Hope this helps. ZB does have its roots in osteopathy and acupuncture. 

Thanks Amanda! Looking into all these links and reading what you all have to say I've decided to take a ZB course this summer :)

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