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I have an instrutor working with a particular cohort who has dwindled down to just two students. They are in their last massage class and are expierencing some "senior-itis". Any ideas on how to keep them interested and focused?

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We have that issue going on all the time, especially being a small private school.  We like to add a little "out of the ordinary fun" like blind massage - this helps the students really focus on their body mechanics and what they are "hearing" with their hands. Also this challenges their draping skills.  Not recommended for students not clear on boundaries and framework though.  We have had great success with this and other little fun items to keep them intrigued. Goodluck!


guest speakers add interest or field trip.

I had this happen to me a few years ago. We took alot of field trips. I took them to some of the local day spas and we did a chair massage event for the community (Ronald McDonald House). Because there were only three of us total the local YMCA allowed us to come in and use their facilities so the two students got to experience first hand the benefits of hot immersion, full body steam, sauna, and contrast immersion. We walked around to some of the weight machines and talked a bit about muscle kinesiolgy as well. We did a few yoga session via both my instruction and a favorite video that I have and then discussed how we could use some of these exercises as "homework" for our clients based on the symptoms they were presenting with. I had a good time with it. Turned out two pretty amazing therapists based on all the one on one attention they were getting!!!


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