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This group is dedicated to formulating a good knowledge base from which MT's can obtain a high level of understanding of  the condition and how best to treat the fibromyalgia client seeking their help.   

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The video above was created by a sufferer to convey just how complex and depressing the condition can be.

When a fibromyalgia client first visits you for treatment, it is vital to show empathy and understanding. This is due to the likelyhood she will have had an extreamly long and difficult journey in obtaining a diagnosis,  The double wammy, aggresive invisable pain, and not being believed by familly or medical profession because on the outside these clients look to be in ok health. In these cases support group information will be of help. =

Chronic Pain - Is it All in Their Head? - Daniel J. Clauw M.D. The video below is a presentation by Andrew Gross MD head of Rheumatology clinic at  the University of California. Massage Therapy gets very little mention in his presentation and exemplifies that MT is still struggling to get proper recognition for the help we can offer the fibromyalgia sufferer. The video does offer good insight into the possible causes and changes in the central nervous system which is well worth understanding.


An article by Eric Dalton

September/October's  by Cara McGuinnis

Thanks to Kelly Sanders for the facebook link!/groups/108380879231706/

Linked in Fibromyalgia research info.


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Comment by Eduardo Barrera on September 15, 2011 at 11:12am

Being a former FM'er myself, yep 14 years pain free.  I still look normal to most people. : )


Working with a person with FM is easy if you can be empathetic or they take you in as one of the tribe.  Since I lived with years of waking up like a mac truck hit me every morning, losing the car keys at every opportunity, and thinking "why would anyone ever want to go on a walk"... getting to know the trial and tribulations of fm gets you closer to developing the rapport to ease their burden and increase their confidence in working with you.


Or just don't sleep for 3 days straight, drink like a fish each night and feel what that's like to come to work... just in case you wanted a quick feel of what it's like.  I suspect some of you may know what I'm talking about... just kidding : ).


And that sense of lightness is important since we are a bridge to it.


Here's a note I just received from a FF (fellow fibromyalgiac) as she calls herself:

"It was wonderful to see you today - and especially to laugh with you!

I was worried, based on how sore I was -and still am, a little - that
I might have a rough night. For me that looks like up every hour and
in the "twilight zone" but instead I slept five solid hours and I think
I'll be able to go to sleep again."


And this was accomplished with very little work.  Just 2 releases and now she's confident enough to dive into an entire online movement program I offer.


So find out what you can about the mindest and challenges of an FM'er and don't be afraid when they come looking for you.  Be ready to be light and confidently move forward.


Move Well... some of us know the alternative.

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