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I am trying to tread carefully with this topic because I don't want to be disrespectful towards the Chiopractic profession. I believe they are needed and I respect what they do. I have just run into so many issues and have tried to resolve it in a healthy way and all I come up against is blatant disrespect and rudeness. I am just really needing some kind of validation so I don't feel crazy...have any of you come up against that in working for a Chiropractor? I am a new therapist so all of this is new to me. I just consider myself to be a stellar employee that works hard and wants to be professional and I have just been shocked at how I have been treated. I know this can't be across the board-that there are Doctors out there that value and respect their therapists. Any thoughts? Help :/

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Whats he doing thats shocking?
Dysfunctional behavior is not the exclusive domain of any profession. How was the DC rude & disrespectful?
I wouldn't say disrespectful so much as undervalued. I've been told to my face that I'm over paid, and yet my schedule is packed with people trying to get in for weeks!
I rent space in a chiropractic clinic with 2 chiropractors. We work together wonderfully. They refer many clients to me. They brag on me and ask my advice at times. I really enjoy working with them. I would say it is the people and their attitudes not the profession.
yes I agree that it's not excusive to any one profession for there to be dysfunctional behavior. I guess I have just talked to other LMPs who have run into similar disrespect by their DC's and since it's my one and only experience I'm just hoping that it's not too common. What he's doing thats so shocking is that when I ask for legitimate basic needs to do my job well (such as business cards) or ask questions that help me learn and grow I am literally met with a blank stare of irritation and then him walking out of the room. I am not even treated with basic respect as a human being, let alone an employee that is an asset to his practice. I've been there for over a year now and it all started pretty rocky as well. He straight up told me that I'm "not confident" and have a weird learning style and all of these labels that weren't' his place. I consider myself to be a pretty confident person too I just have a different personality than him. I'm not a type A person and I think that's the only personality he really respects. I may be venting a little bluntly on here. I try to be careful to be respectful and not bad talk him. This just seems a safe place where I'm not giving any specific names or anything.  I did meet with another DC today that offered me a job on the spot and it felt like a world of difference :) There is hope.
Sounds like he has a problem with his personality! I'd get out of there as soon as you can if I were you. Good luck.
lol I agree that it's a personality issue Brenda. Thanks that's what I'm thinking too. It helps to get some validation from other people so I don't feel like I'm just being overly sensitive or making an emotional decision. Thanks :)


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