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i've noticed a trend in a chiropractor's office. when several different practitioners think they are coming down with a cold or flu, they will work with a mask.

has anyone else noticed this as a trend, or is this just one office?

any thoughts?

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Hmm I've never heard of it or seen it, but I've also only worked for one Chiropractor.

If a therapist is coming down with a cold or flu, then it is my belief that they should not be working at all.  Close and confined quarters, such as a massage room, can pass along a problem quite quickly.  I would hope that they would take off work instead of wearing a maks 

I've not seen this occur in other chiropractic offices, but, every facility is different.

I do not work on clients when I am coming down with an illness or when I am ill.

I agree about staying home when your sick.  If you are that bad off that you need to wear a mask, you shouldn't be working.  I mean really, would you want someone sick enough to wear a mask working on you?


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