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Hey everyone! I was wondering if there was some way of warming a table without using something that plugs in or requires hot water. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Wow, I hope there is. That would be awesome!

I know this is a very old thread, but I thought I would reply, since no one else has so far.

The only thing I can think of is to use a sodium acetate hot pack.  See something like this Heal Pack.

You can carry it with you and snap the metal peice to activate it, and perhaps leave it on the table for a few minutes before removing it for the client to then lay down.  Just a thought.


There seems to also be something out there called the Cozy Body Wrap Non-Electric Heating Blanket.

"The perfect body warmer and stress reliever!  40 individually sewn chambers filled with nature's finest aromatherapy herbs makes the Cozy Body Wrap the ultimate relaxation blanket.  The Cozy Body Wrap™ is the largest non-electric heating pad and offers evenly distributed warmth to your entire body. Great as a bed warmer or used as a shawl.

• Hot and cold therapy (microwave or freeze)• Spa treatment at home• Relief from aches and pains• Non-Electric heating blanket 46" X 16 1/2"Heat it, freeze it......your gonna' love it ;-)"


I know you said you don't want water, but for other people who do, here is a link to an Aqua Bed Non-Electric Warmer Blanket.


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