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Comment by Marla Barrett on December 11, 2009 at 5:13pm
I took Reiki classes but I'm not real clear on how to apply what i learned? Any suggestions? I feel like I need to take the classes over. :)
Comment by Mike Hinkle on December 11, 2009 at 4:56pm
Hope you will all tell me your "energy ideas" in the discussion above. Thanks!
Comment by Nancy Hardesty on December 11, 2009 at 12:22pm
Hello, Anyone from NW Indiana?
Comment by Pat Ward on November 10, 2009 at 10:18am
Thanks Sue!

By the way my Reiki share group is up and running, we have had two wonderful meetings so far. Great group and great energy!
Comment by Sue Heldenbrand on November 10, 2009 at 8:26am
I'd like to invite everyone to have their services listed in my holistic wellness directory..the basic listing is free.
Peaceful blessings,
Comment by Pat Ward on September 10, 2009 at 11:57am
If anyone lives in the Chicagoland area and is interested in starting a Reiki Share group with me, I have a Reiki meetup group that meets once a month in Naperville. Let me know and I will give you all the details.

Rosalinda, sorry I can't make the Reiki share on the 19th, but it sounds wonderful.
Comment by Pat Ward on September 5, 2009 at 10:35am
Hi Rosalinda,

I checked out your website and it is very interesting.Thanks for the info on the Reiki share.
Comment by Rosalinda Huck on September 5, 2009 at 7:24am
Reiki Share next weekend, Sept. 19th from 10am-12noon at the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center in Arlington Heights if anyone is interested. See this link for more info.
Comment by Agnes Trama on August 5, 2009 at 2:39am
Thanks Scott for sharing that info............very interesting
Comment by Scott Kingsbury on July 28, 2009 at 3:39pm
I have seen that by pressing long enough and hard enough, in a particular zone related to the imbalance, you can produce an analgesic effect in the corresponding tissue that is referred to as "Zone Analgesia". If you understand the reflex anatomy of the feet you can effectively reduce or eliminate 90% of the ailments in the world today.

I have seen clients with intense low back discomfort,.leave with no discomfort at all, after working on the lumbar/sacral/coccyx reflexes as well as the hip and pelvic reflex areas for as little as 15 minutes by creating this "Zone Analgesia" .
The science of reflexology is a wonderful tool to have in your tool box.

I hope the information below exictes each of you, to reach your full potential in intention as well as technique.

Scott Kingsbury

Here are just a few personal case studies that attest to the effectiveness of this science:

Case 1. Hip Pain
Susan has been battling back pain as well as a deep core hip pain for the last 20 years. This pain is a result of much abuse as well as a spinal fusion from C-7 all the way to her sacrum.

She takes multiple pain medications daily with little or no relief. Susan received her first reflexology treatment which provided minimal relief, however by her 4th treatment she had no deep core hip pain for seven days. Susan took no medication during those seven days and continues to have tremendous relief from her challenges with ongoing treatments.

Case 2. Arthritis.
Ramona has had osteo-arthritis for 7 years, every joint in Ramona's body hurts and she has found little relief although she has tried many forms of treatment. I made Ramona a deal. I asked Ramona to give me 3 to 6 hours of her time to allow me to work on the reflexes of her feet. Ramona admired my confidence and gave me an opportunity to work out the reflex tenderness in her feet. Well to Ramona’s surprise after the sixth treatment she had no pain in any part of her body for the next four months. Ramona said "this is a miracle". Perhaps to Ramona it was. It was certainly the application of the reflex techniques put to good intent.

Case 3. Headache
Mary had a stroke 2 and a half years ago which left her with slight paralysis in her right arm, she also has had a headache in the left temporal area of her head for the last 6 months. We spent a total of three hours on her reflex areas, one hour each Monday for three weeks. The result? Mary has not had a headache since, and it is going on a month since her last treatment.

Case 4. Foot Pain
My traditional massage therapist referred me to Scott Kingsbury six months ago. I had been complaining of foot and heel pain for more than a year had received cortisone injections from my podiatrist and orthodics from my chiropractor that had only provided temporary relief. Since my job requires me to be on my feet for more than 7 hours a day, the constant pain was debilitating. I had considered looking for a "desk job", but gave reflexology a try. After the first hour of treatment, I felt like I was walking on air instead of sharp pins and needles.

After the second treatment, I wasn't limping anymore and actually didn't dread getting up in the morning. Reflexology has been a miracle for me and has improved my quality of life so much that I have begun an exercise program to improve my total well-being. Scott's knowledge and technique and compassion are the right prescription for a non-invasive, healing therapy that has taken years off my life and given me hope for a healthy and active future.

Case 5. Drop Foot
Jenny came into the office presenting a "Drop foot" which doesn’t allow her to dorsiflex her foot. As a result she would have to drag her left foot around every where she went. The amazing thing about this particular case history is Jenny has had this condition for the last 13 years; she was given no hope of recovery by any medical professional. Imagine this scenario, after only 30 minutes of reflexology Jenny has been able to walk normally and still does over a year later.

Case 6. Lupus/ Scleroderma/ Rheumatoid Arthritis.
My name is Clare and I have had Scott as my Reflexologist for six years. My diagnosis is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Scleroderma, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis) with progressive symptoms of Sjogren's, Reynaud’s, Temporal Arteritis, Edema, Autoimmune Urticaria, Esophageal Spasms and signs of Macular Degeneration with Glaucoma.

My first visit with Scott was a last resort. My feet, hands and body were swollen to the point of immobility. I could not close my fists or lift my arms. Everywhere hurt. Dressing, toileting was difficult and embarrassing, walking became crawling on the floor most times and the pain was excruciating making me scream and cry for hours. I had been going to other therapists, doctors, chiropractors, trying all sorts of herbal medicines, reiki, you name it. Nothing worked.

It seemed Scott worked on me for hours but it was only an hour plus. I slept without pain for the first time in months and the morning following my session with Scott instead of the normal gripping the edge of the bed to prepare for the pain; I simply stood up. I had no pain whatsoever, anywhere. I was a mixture of emotions. I called Scott immediately and related to him what a tremendous relief I was experiencing and made appointments for twice per week for eight weeks. Since then my disease has progressed and I am basically having maintenance sessions with Scott who even if he is tired from a hectic day will accommodate me if I am in debilitating pain. Many times I do not pinpoint the discomfort and Scott with his expertise and intuitiveness always find what is triggering the pain. Even though the treatments do not lasts as long as they used to( two, three, seven weeks),after each session I still benefit with decreased pain and increased comfort whether it is for an hour or two, a day or a week. I have more energy, better sleep and breathing patterns and a more positive outlook after each session. Scott is a very compassionate, dedicated therapist whose chief concern is helping his clients achieve a lifestyle without pain.

Case 7. Vertigo/ Dizziness
James had come in with a shoulder problem which we determined was out of my scope of practice. I asked him if he would be willing to try a few session of reflexology, he agreed. While working on James feet the first time we found quite a few reflex areas that were tender especially the liver reflex, eye/ear reflexes as well as all the toes. While going over the liver reflex James volunteered that he liked scotch which was reflected in his liver reflex. He expressed his discomfort and was a little skeptical about the process. He returned a few more times and his fourth treatment he decided to express his concerns stating “This is a bunch of hogwash; I don’t want to waste any more time with this reflexology".

To my surprise I had a call from James; he wanted to reschedule another treatment. When he arrived at my office I expressed to him that I was curious why he had returned. James said "I hate to admit this but this reflexology works". James explained “I thought that I was going to have to end my flying career but since you have been working on my feet I no longer have the head fog and vertigo like symptoms when I fly. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. James returned for another several treatments and continues to fly high.

Case 8. Low Back Pain
Pattie had contacted me wondering if I could do anything to help her with her low back pain. Patti was scheduled for back surgery in 6 weeks however she wanted to find any relief she could in the mean time. We found that her lumbar, pelvic, and hip reflexes we extremely tender.

Pattie returned once a week for about 5 weeks. By the fifth week Pattie was happy to report that her low back pain had reduced by 75% and was holding. I showed Pattie how to stimulate the specific reflex areas herself and she gladly reported that she had cancelled her back surgery.

Pattie is now able to pursue a workout program, has lost 50 pounds and lives 90% pain free!

Case 9. Sinusitis
Arlene has been battling sinusitis for many years. Each time she would have a flare up she would reach for the medications which would give her temporary relief at best. I happened to have an opportunity to work with Arlene one day at a local gym I was employed at. Arlene's sinuses were very congested that day and she was unable to breath out of her nose. I worked on her toes, adrenal reflexes as well as the ileocecal valve reflex. To Arlene's surprise her sinuses completely drained later that day. Arlene returned 2 days later for another treatment. Following her second treatment Arlene's sinuses were completely clear. Arlene was in awe and very pleased with the wonderful results she had received from the science of reflexology.

Case 10. Foot Pain
Betty came to my office presenting pain in her left foot. Betty had been told by her podiatrist that she had a bone spur on the top of her metatarsal area and he would like to perform surgery to remove the bone spur. Betty asked me if there was anything I could do to help her foot. I said absolutely and proceeded to work on her feet for the next 50 minutes, focusing more on her left foot. Betty returned once a week for the next 3 weeks and by the fourth treatment her foot pain had vanished. Betty was so very grateful for the amazing results achieved with reflexology, not to mention the anxiety vanished
knowing she was no longer facing the thought of foot surgery.

Case 11. Neck Pain.
While attending massage therapy school back in 1998 we briefly studied the science of reflexology I never gave it the respect I do today until I experienced first hand the powerful results in my own personal healing. I awakened one morning with a stiff neck and could not rotate nor lift my head without great discomfort. As a neuromuscular therapist I sought a therapist that could perhaps help me and this therapist happened to be a reflexologist. He never worked on my neck rather just my feet. The result was range of motion without any discomfort and a general sense of well being ensued.

Since my initial experience with reflexology, I continued to receive and study this science and have practiced and applied this amazing science and have witnessed time and time again the tremendous results reflexology has with simple to severe pathologies. I love reflexology because anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from having this done. I am so grateful to understand and share the truly amazing benefits and healing that reflexology offers to our health and well being. B.M. LMT, CNMT

Case 12. Migraines
Ann had been having migraines for the last 10 years for some 6 hours per day. I had the opportunity to work with Ann for about 6 weeks. Each Tuesday for about an hour we focused the majority of our time on the reflex areas in the toes as well as all the spinal reflexes using the remainder of each treatment covering the other reflex areas of the feet. To Ann's surprise by the sixth week her headaches were minimized to 1/2 hour per day with no medication, Ann was very pleased and was thankful to have experienced the facilitating power of reflexology.

Case 13. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Donna had been complaining of discomfort in her abdominal area which caused her much gas, bloating, cramping for a number of months. As we were working on the reflex areas, I noticed that the intestinal reflexes were extremely tender. After about five treatments on the feet Donna was pleased to report that her condition had resolved itself and she felt better than ever. As a matter of fact she said she felt ten years younger. She still continues to receive reflexology once a month as a preventative.

Case 14. Sciatica/ Numb Toes
Rhoda came into my office one day with a cane and barely walking. Rhoda presented 10 numb toes, sciatica down both legs and well as pain in her right shoulder as a result of a mastectomy. We agreed to two 1/2 hours a week for 8 weeks and proceeded to work on the associated reflexes, such as the lumbar and sacral reflexes, hip/sciatic reflexes as well as the pelvic and knee/leg reflexes.

Rhoda had great progress over the eight weeks, each week coming in and feeling a little better. Rhoda experienced amazing results considering she barely hobbled in my office the first visit. Rhoda's end result; no numbness in the toes, no shoulder pain and her sciatic pain reduced by 97%. Rhoda was so pleased as she walked out with a spring in her step and no cane.

Case 15. Fibromyalgia
Alicyn came into the office presenting a severe case of fibromyalgia. Alicyn's discomfort was severe, her legs were constantly on fire and you could not even touch them. I shared some of the benefits of a reflexology treatment and she agreed to give it a try. We proceeded to work on all of the reflexes of Alicyn's feet that day with very minor relief. Alicyn continued to return 2 times a week for the next 8 weeks. Alicyn was very encouraged by her progress and by the last treatment she had no burning
in her legs and just minor discomfort in the top of her feet and ankles, 96% of her symptoms vanished. Alicyn continues with a maintenance plan and continues to do very well.

Case 16. Sciatica
Wanted to thank you again for your introduction of reflexology to me. It certainly has diminished my
discomfort. It still lingers, but is much more bearable. Again thank you so much for your treatment. It has certainly made my condition much more bearable. Thanks for helping me. Much success to you in the future. Sincerely B. Robinson

Case 17. Back Pain
I just wanted to tell what the results were from my first reflexology treatment. I have to say for most of the rest of the week I felt great and the back problem was dramatically reduced and that even included a day at Universal Studios. Thank you very much for this introduction to reflexology. Sincerely B. McQuiggan

Case 18. Parkinson's Disease
Henry came into my office presenting Parkinson's disease. Henry asked me if I could do anything to help his drooling, tremors and body stiffness. I mentioned to Henry that I had never worked with anyone presenting that condition before, but I was willing to give it a try. The first treatment provided very little relief and the same is true for the second treatment.

By the 3rd treatment Henry mentioned that he no longer had any body stiffness and was now able to bend down and pick up his newspaper with ease. The 4th treatment helped take care of Henry's equilibrium challenge so that he was now able to put his pants on without holding on to something. The tremors and drooling were only reduced by 10%, however considering Henry's age (86) he had some amazing results in only 3.5 hours spent on the reflex areas of the feet.

Case 19. Foot Pain
I met Tina at a local Time Share Resort here in central Florida. Tina approached me after my presentation complaining of foot pain in the ball of her right foot. Tina Said "I have had this pain in my foot for the last 2 1/2 years and it continues to get worse". I asked Tina to have a seat and put her right foot up on my knee. I spent a total of 5 minutes working on the reflex area's in the ball of her right foot. By creating enough heat, movement, and pressure we were able to have about 5 spontaneous alignments in the metatarsal (Long bones of the foot) bones as well as the phalanges (Toe bones).

The result? Tina stepped onto her right foot and to her surprise 95% of the foot discomfort had vanished. This is just another amazing testimony and result facilitated by the science of reflexology.

Case 20. Asthma
I met a gentleman named Steve who has suffered with asthma all of his life. Steve must use his inhaler twice a day every day and has been doing this for many years. I shared with Steve a few basic thoughts about the science of reflexology and asked him if he would be open to letting me work on the balls of both feet (top and bottom) to provide him relief from his asthma symptoms. Steve seemed perplexed, but agreed to the treatment. I spent a total time of 20 minutes on both feet, when we were finished Steve commented that he could take a deeper breath and his breathing patterns were less labored. I checked in with Steve a week later and he was excited to report that he had not used his inhaler at all for the whole week. Steve was very grateful and comforted to know that such relief could come so naturally and easily. He continues to work on the reflex areas that were treated that day and continues to experience the benefits

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