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Just want to let you in on an amazing class that Matt Howe will be teaching and it will be taking place in Orange County, CA on ....

Sept 13 & 14 2011. From 9-4 pm  at ...

California Academy for The Healing Arts.

125 E. Baker St. Ste. 180, Costa Mesa CA 92626

12 CE hours $200 until July 15   ($300 After July 15) 


Tools For Affective Deep Tissue with Matt Howe

 Tools for Affective Deep Tissue 1 is a workshop born out of concepts from opposite sides of the

bodywork world. We harmonize concepts of Craniosacral Therapy with the systematic

perspectives of Structural Integration. Students will learn to work with the nervous system

and the tissue while learning to assess what they are doing during the session. We will show

you how the tools you already have can be used with less effort while facilitating greater

change. Students will learn how to get to deeper issues in the tissues while saving their

hands, fingers, and careers. This 12 CE Hour workshop will leave you refreshed and

passionate about bodywork once more.

 To Register please go to

 Hope to see you all there!


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