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Judy E. 

I've been working as a Deputy Sheriff for 18 years. After putting my body through the abuse of wearing a duty belt on a daily basis and the spontaneous altercations that I've encountered, my back is damaged. I have had trigger point injections, chiropractic treatment, manipulation under anesthetic and as of late epidural injections. All of these have only given me minimal temporary relief. I called Julia at a time when I was in extreme pain and could not move. She worked on me for two and a half hours. She gave me real results that I could feel instantly. She also educated me on how I could keep the results she had given me. Julia can deliver results and I highly recommend her to everyone seeking relief from any aches and pains anywhere on your body. Thank you Julia for all you do for me.

  • Lindsay M. (the Mommy Spa)      San Jose, CA 5/7/2012
Who does the massage therapist go to for professional massage?  

Julia Tabarez! 

I come to the table with multiple issues. Scar tissue from previous injuries including whip lash, broken ribs and a rotated hip. Tight shoulders and forearms.  Super tight erector muscles in my back and hip tension that extends all the way down the legs into the feet.  And like the cobbler's children have no shoes...a massage therapist's body tends to be pretty beat up. Mine is no exception.

Julia is a serious bodyworker.  She has an extensive bag of tricks to draw from.  Shiatsu, Trigger point, muscle stripping, facilitated stretching and more! Professional athletes see Julia because her work ethic is impeccable, her bodywork style is direct and effective.  Her knowledge is impressive. Her intuition is spot on. 

Looking for results based massage?  Give Julia a call

jessica d.

San Jose, CA   12/3/2010

Although I am regularly receiving massages, I have never had such an experience as this before.  I have had what I believe to be emotional releases in the form of dreams twice before following a massage, but this was quite unique.  I regularly practice yoga. (I used to teach but am not teaching now), 
I was drifting in and out of sleep but I felt a slightly different sensation and I have no other way to articulate what was happening other than my body was releasing.  All I can say is I definitely was releasing - so thank you!

This was the most amazing therapeutic massage  and there is no comparison!  Julia has helped me to move forward and process some of the dramatic changes that I am going through personally and professionally.  I have now scheduled appt on a monthly basis with her and recommend her to all who care and want to make their bodies healthy and reduce stress as I have seen the difference!
Thank you. 

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