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About 5 years after graduating from high school, I found myself bouncing around doing odd jobs while trying to figure out my purpose in life. I had been attempting to eek out a living as a martial arts and boxing coach, personal trainer, and professional dancer. Things weren’t going too well though, as my wife and I found ourselves having more month at the end of our money, if you know what I mean?

I hadn’t really discovered what my true calling was, but I knew it was more than carving out a meager existence. But it wasn’t until I was fortunate enough, while away on a Boxing exchange program in Cuba, that I witnessed a therapist working with each individual on the Cuban Boxing team. I had never seen or experienced anything like that before, as he twisted, manipulated, and tuned them up during their practice. It was at that exact time that the lightbulb went on! I had the proverbial, “EPIPHANY!” and it was then I knew I found my calling. Now the problem was, HOWto get it done??!!

Thinking back on all the obstacles I created in my reality, the road seemed long and daunting. I made excuses such as: I’m too old, I have no money, I’m not smart enough, and since no one in my family had ever gone on to higher education, I believed thatanything beyond the necessary high school diploma, was not for me.

But, after many instances of serendipity and synchro destiny moments, which I won’t go into at this time, I now believe in the concept of the universe providing a way, and all you have to do is trust, let go, and follow the clues laid out on your path.

So, after returning home from Cuba, I found a training program that would fit my needs and circumstances. There I was, enrolled in a fast-paced 18-month condensed Massage Therapy Program where you found yourself mostly overwhelmed and flying by the seat of your pants as you tried to learn all about anatomy, physiology, neurology, and a whole host of the practical skills you would eventually need to operate a successful practice.

We were introduced to everything from hydrotherapy to holistic nutrition. It was an enormous amount of information, but looking back now, it was well worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

I don’t know about you, but I was addicted to learning, and I don’t know if it’s all part of being an adult learner and finally having a “WHY” for learning the material, but i just wanted to gobble up all of this interesting and mind-expanding stuff about the inner workings of the human body. Who knew at the time that Massage Therapy would be so surprisingly in-depth, and steeped with specialized knowledge.

Each time I learned something new, I felt like I had the key to unlock so many of the aches, pains, and maladies of my family, friends, and future clients. I could just see it: a long line of people waiting to be healed by my hands and mind. I could just feel and see it way in advance of it happening. It was an awesome experience!

I absolutely devoured every book, video, class and seminar I could get my hands on or could attend. I literally spent about 8-10 hours a day reading and making notes!  I guessed you could say that I was obsessed! Well, if you asked my wife, kids, and close friends, they would say I’m still obsessed!

There was one BIG  problem with this obsession though...I WAS IN KNOWLEDGE OVERLOAD!! What’s is “knowledge overload?” Well, it’s the same theory as what athletes call, “overtraining,” which is where instead of seeing positive gains, your body actually starts to catabolize and break down. You basically begin to lose all the gains you’ve worked so hard for, and that’s the same thing with knowledge overload. You begin to experience paralysis by analysis! You have consumed so much information that you just revert back to the basic knowledge you began with.

Have you seen or experienced that yourself? You know, where your resume of courses would impress anyone out there, but your level of integration and application is just as good the person who never bothered to take extra courses. I’m not saying you aren’t that much better for taking courses, but what good are they if you’re not applying them?  You see, here’s what happens: when you attend a seminar, you are witness to the expert who facilitates the courses. Of course they will be impressive! As would be typical, you are now inspired to be just like them.

But the problem is, when returning to your practice, your skill just doesn’t seem as sharp as when you were in the seminar. So what happens? You revert back to “same old, same old.” Typically because you are supposed to be the expert. You’re not supposed to fumble around and learn on the job. Plus, they’re paying for an hour, and now you MUST deliver! So once again, you’re paralyzed, and return to the safety of your typical routine, just so you don’t look like it’s constantly your first day on the job.

How do I know this? Well, that was me….until I stumbled over some little known secrets of how to integrate the techniques I’ve learned so I can one day become the healer that I wished to be for so long. Once I started to consistently apply this concept, my practice started to simply EXPLODE! My patients started to seeMASSIVE improvements, and that’s when I realized, I discovered an effective, easy, measurable and duplicatable system of treating even the most difficult problems that entered my treatment room.

It’s been at least 12 years now since I’ve been fine-tuning this system, and I am now ready to share this knowledge to the world, and what better way to share it than using the power of the internet and the genius of social media! I’ll show you how I moved from a struggling and frustrated therapist, making $24,000 – $36,000 in my first two years, and ready to quit the profession, to now making 6-figures applying these techniques and having a ton of fun doing it!

People are constantly asking me – “Alvin, how many hours do you work?” And after thinking about this question for many years now, I finally realized something; “I HAVEN’T WORKED A DAY IN 15 YEARS!” seriously! It never dawned on me that what others call “WORK,” that four-letter word, I called passion, so it never made sense to me why they were shocked at my energy, endurance and longevity.

So let’s break down what exactly is Massage Training Plus.


MTP is a culmination of an intense study of fitness and rehabilitation models, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki energy therapy, Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Osteopathy, and Applied Kinesiology. Here’s what I’ll do:I’ll cut the fat and get to the meat of these amazing techniques! No more will you learn a bunch of techniques without knowing the secret to putting it all together so you can apply it right away! The material you’ll learn will be concise and completely practical. That means that from learning each session, you will be able to take it back to your practice the very next day!

There’s a great quote you may have already heard – “If all you have is a hammer, then every problem will be a nail.” MTP will help you to develop more effective tools to solve your most difficult problems. And as an additional BONUS, you will also get my experience and expertise as a business owner and entrepreneur. I’ve made the mistakes, some tough mistakes, to get where I am today. let me save you some hardships and help you avoid the pitfalls.

So go ahead and sign on to join our community at BIG things are coming your way real soon! Be the first to be informed and to get frequent bonuses as part of my tribe. The stuff created by MTP will will not only grow your practice, but the goal is to keep inspired and motivated so you can bring the best of health and healing to your clients

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