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Ever need to find a new MT for yourself?

      Over the years, many of the MTs I've traded with have moved out of town or retired. Before I knew it, I was down to one and although I've made many professional friendships online, neglected to put in the effort to connect with others locally. I am grateful for the remaining MT in my network, but in my experience receiving regular massage works best when you have several MTs to call upon. Can you imagine what the typical client goes through just to get to you?

     Finding the right massage therapist (MT) can really be a challenge. I was dealing with shoulder pain and needed more than just relaxation but also didn't want it to become worse as the result of too aggressive treatment. I wanted someone to give me the massage my clients receive; pain free, customized AND with relaxation. Finding the right MT is similar to finding most health care professionals. We want someone in a nearby location we connect to and who has the skill, education and experience to deliver.

     Like Goldilocks, it took three tries before finding what I needed in a MT. The first one did not listen well and was too hard. She was all about her advanced training theory in a particular modality (please, we all have advanced training) with the philosophy it has to hurt before it gets better (not true). Needless to say, I won't go back to her again.
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