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Fibromyalgia and drug based therapies

In the dying throes of 'pharmaceutical' ruled medicine, the purposefull interaction of therapists with tradiotional medicine can eliminate problems for both.

Many of my clients have come with complaints and somatic symptoms that are related to drug based therapies they have been put on by medical professionals.

One of the most common mistakes is being prescribed by multiple agencies that aren't aware of what the other is doing. What usually results is overmedication and drug interference that result in somatic symptoms that the patient then turns to therapists to solve. Once the corrections are made, it's 'amazing' how the symptoms 'dissappear'.

For most therapists this is a perplexing problem that is 'out of their scope of practice'. That is just squemish crap on thier part. So what can be done? A therapist worth their salt has the knowledge base to read a nursing drug guide book.... especially the part listed on each drug about contraindications. You can guide your client in what questions to ask thier doctors. Encourage them to develop; typed medication sheets that they bring to each doctor visit and what medications are contridicated for therapy visits.The effort pays off in reducung ineffectual work, client loyalty and word of mouth recommendations..... all help to build a solid practice and keep you abreast of changes in 'medicine' and 'medicines'.

With that said, Let's move on to the Fibromyalgia part....The common pathology first introduced by the russians many years ago, is overwork and repetitative motion creates a dehydration in the fascial tissues surrounding muscles causing an entrapment of metabolic waste which are all neurotoxic. The modern mythology is 'overstimulated nerves' cause the condition.....just watch your latest 'Lyrica' commercials. Lyrica causes a desencitization of peripheral nerves which should be contricated in a responsible practice.... But that's not the worst of it!

In the overstressed condition of fibromyalgia, the folic acid supplies are used up and the 'folate chemical pump' starts to produce homocystiene.... a nasty little chemical which 'shreds' the arterial walls by effecting the fascia surrounding the smooth muscles. Generalized inflammation then occurs, and the laying down of scar tissue as the 'repair mechnisms' kick in.... thusly exacerbating the condition..... Where do the drugs com in?

Methotrexate. A drug commoly used by Doctors for alievating conditions of fibromyalgia. Methotrexate directly inhibits the folate pump and produces more homocycsiene.....!

I personally work with a crew of about 20 doctors in hospital conditions. The 'system' has them stressed in hundreds of ways. I do not blame them for not knowing 'everything'. It is my job as a 'support person' to make guiding suggestions..... Remember it's still their 'call'', Most docotors welcome the they can avoid accelerating the 'condition'..... the solution? Inform your client and thier doctor, and strongly suggest a heavy supplementation of folic acid.....and serrapeptase for scar tissue removal( but that's another story)..... the folic acid will reverse the folate pump and any ischemic compression won't cause an inflammatory reaction.

You are the front line of the emerging medicine! As the western medicine system breaks down, you will be relied on more for your knowledge base. Bone up on your meds..... and don't be shy when it comes to interacting with western me, if you make a good presentation, they'll welcome the info and the support.

love as light,
stev pitt

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Comment by Gloria Coppola on August 4, 2009 at 3:11pm
Hi Steve

I agree that therapists need to pick up a pharmaceutical book! Ergo, my new course Pharmacology & Herbology - what massage therapists need to know. I was amazed the last few times I taught this class how many therapists are not aware of "simple" things and how they didn't even realize the amount of meds clients may be on. Several MD's I know stated the 'average' patient is on 8-10 meds. UGH!

About 10 years ago I was on a panel of health care providers , researching F.M. and speaking across the community in hospitals and college universities. We would discuss our findings, opinions, suggestions and ideas.

We did agree that the clients/patients we were treating for F.M. had a type A personality for the most part. We did agree their diets were usually poor and consisted of mostly sugar based foods. We did agree they could use some behavior modification for their lifestyles.

With this said, Yes , we need to communicate with our clients and their health care providers. When I had a very medically based practice I worked along with, like yourself with many physicians in the area. Often I would bring to their attention the amount of pharmacy a patient was taking, to their surprise. I used to work for a neurologist and so I know and realize how often the MD is not informed by the patient of all they are taking. Simple common sense to ask your client!

Also, FYI according to medical research and a holistic MD I know who is very aggressive in his studies, High dosages of Omega's are alleviating inflammatory type conditions and Vitamin D3 is the supplement we should all be on. It's not just for bones!

Also, I was informed by another doctor who attended my class that many clients are taking Statin drugs, ex. Lipitor and that it affects your muscles. This was confirmed by another MD . No matter what we do as massage therapists we cannot affect the muscles in a positive manner according to these MD's because of the adverse effects of the medicine. So we need to be aware of they are on these types of drugs. We might be working them too hard and having no effect.

Hope some of this helps for those of you working with F.M.

Any other info is always welcome for all of us to learn and grow!
PS. I found cranio sacral therapy to be the most effective form of bodywork for my Fibromyalgia patients.

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