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By Kimberly Romano

Finally, my first full day of teaching! After months of anticipation I had the pleasure of teaching a four hour class and what better way to jump in and get my feet wet but with the difficult and fun course of Kinesiology.

I was super excited to get started. My nerves have been calmed by coming in twice before and teaching an hour each on two different subjects so I felt a lot more at ease and prepared. All that I felt now was excitement.

After preparing for about an hour and a half the night before. I was ready to start my day teaching all about the face and neck muscles. Kinesiology is a lot of lecturing but I also implemented videos and pictures that were from the books of discovery Trail guide to the body, to help the students get a visual on the muscles and their attachments and actions. I also used the skeleton to help show boney landmarks to help the students with the attachments and origins. All materials were easily accessible for me to use.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the knowledge the students already had. It was evident that the information that they have received so far has prepared them to understand Kinesiology.

The students started body work around 12. Each Student brought their sons in to work on. I showed them a face routine and a little bit of the neck routine. I also showed them where the muscles were that we were discussing. After that, the students went ahead and did full body work while spending time on the patients’ problem areas. They were confident in their work and asked questions if they were curious about something but once again I was impressed with the knowledge eand confidence that they had.

In summary I feel extremely confident and excited to start a class of my own. I look forward to my next class and I know that the material that is being taught will give the students the appropriated knowledge to have a successful career in medical massage therapy. I have discovered a new passion with Massage Therapy and that is, Teaching!

For feedback please contact me at I am a teacher at European Medical School Of Massage in Berks County, Reading PA

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