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Hoping for 8 Used Massage Tables for our New Training Center...

If you are a therapist that either has an older massage table you are not using - or, maybe you are considering upgrading your practice and buying a new table - your contribution of a used massage table would be a tremendous benefit to our operations.

If you are a massage therapist:

  • If you have any used or old massage tables that you are currently not using – or if you are thinking of upgrading to a new table – please consider donating your massage table to our school. Our goal is 8 or more tables to outfit our new training center.
  • If you have any used or old massage bed-sheet sets please consider donating them to our school. Our goal is 50 or more bed-sheet sets (as an example, the cost to make or purchase 1 bed-sheet set in Nepal represents 2 week’s worth of the average Nepali’s income; 50 bed-sheets sets represents 2 year’s average income).
  • If you would consider donating a portion of the income from just 1 treatment at your spa, massage center, or school your funds would have a tremendously positive impact upon our operations. Our goal is 25 or more therapists donating $35 or more from the income of 1 treatment within their operations.


Further information on our work:

Last year our school was listed as “Top 10 Spa Academy in Asia”by the Asia Spa Association. Listed below are links to several media articles on our work:



As a side-note, I have worked completely on a volunteer-basis for the past 7 years building our Himalayan Healers project. Your help will truly have a dramatic impact on our work, as every penny of support will go to our training.
Together, we can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives who need our support. THANK YOU for being a part of our efforts. Please, if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions do let me know. I am always eager to connect, to share, and to learn.

Health, Happiness, and Peace,

Rob Buckley
Founder / Director / Volunteer
Himalayan Healers

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