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"Imagine..." (part II)

Namaste from Nepal!

In this newsletter we continue our “Imagine…” series of chronicles to help give you a better understanding of the experiences our students and staff have moved through at Himalayan Healers:

Imagine… growing up being excluded from the basic opportunities of education, and as a result, having limited employment opportunities aside from low-paying physical labor…

Imagine... being a single mother raising your child or children on less than $20 per month, to cover your rent, food, medicine, and basic necessities… (the average income in Nepal is $20 per month, but significantly less for the Nepalis of need we train and support)…

Imagine... being provided a 0% interest student loan from Himalayan Healers to train in professional massage therapy, with guaranteed employment where you will earn $200 to $400 every month working at one of our massage centers, earning 10 to 20 x’s the national average, every single month…

Imagine... the pride, confidence, self-esteem, healing, joy, and literal empowerment that each of our student’s develops as they learn a new profession while also learning that they are equal to everyone else in this world. Imagine…

How you can help:

Purchase a 3 ft. x 6 ft. hand-knotted Tibetan carpet to decorate your massage center, spa, or home. Each carpet costs $250 total, and is hand-made here in Nepal (free shipping included). By purchasing a Tibetan carpet you can help facilitate Rob’s upcoming trip to America to give a presentation at the American Massage Conference. If we can sell 8 or more carpets the entire flight will be covered, and Rob will hand-carry the carpets to America and ship directly to your home. Please email us to receive a collection of photos to choose your design.

Donate any massage therapy books, DVDs, tables, or equipment you no longer need or use. We are looking to stock up a new library for our school in Nepal, particularly with instructional books and DVDs on massage therapy. All donations can be shipped to our main office in Colorado, and Rob will hand-carry back to Nepal when he returns after the upcoming American Massage Conference.

  • This is what we’ve done… Train more than 100 Nepalis of profound need in more than 500 hours of professional massage therapy, and in the process facilitate dramatic emotional healing and personal growth.
  • This is what we’re doing… Raising funds to open more massage centers in Nepal to provide employment for future students; listed below in our “How you can help” section is info on our “Himalayan mountain jewelry” that we hope to sell via classrooms in the West. By collecting orders for jewelry you can help us open more massage centers to employ more Nepalis of need.
  • This is what we hope to do… Purchase a small amount of land in rural Nepal to build our massage therapy school and healing center. Once this is achieved we will be able to provide each of our future students with a safe-haven to live at, receive free room and board while they are training in massage, and move forward in their lives. This will also serve as a platform for future student and teacher exchanges, as well as local community service.

Health, Happiness, and Peace,

Rob Buckley
Founder / Director / Volunteer
Himalayan Healers

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