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I am YAW BOATENG,LMT. a new member and i would like to take this opportunity to greet you all.

Fellow Members,i wish to use this opportunity to create awareness that Massage as a Profession is something that have not yet been given attention in Africa,most especially in Ghana.What is practiced there in the hospitality industry in Ghana(west Africa) is not up to standard.The fact is that there are no qualified Massage Therapy lecturers and institutions to train people who wants to become Massage Therapists.

In view of this i have established a Massage Training School in Ghana to train and equip students to meet internationally accepted standards of Massage Therapy.

I will be very happy if you guys will share this idea with me and also comment on it. Interested people can also share their views by organizing this in Ghana.I believe this initiative is going to help give our Association a wider spectrum area in the rest of the world.God Bless.

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Comment by Brian Tucker on November 7, 2011 at 10:03pm


Please send more information -- You are embarking on a vast challenge... How can I help?

Comment by Daniel Cohen on October 31, 2011 at 10:02pm

Congratulations! A good school can help students develop better paying careers. I would recommend that you take a look at AMTA & ABMP codes of ethics and policies as well as client forms. THese would help if a professional code is not yet prepared by your school.


You might solicit for workshop instructors to come and teach for several days or a week. Specialty advanced training courses could be offered this way. The issue would be if enough students would join such classes to pay the teacher's travel, room & board, & time. Best of luck in what sounds like a challenging & exciting endeavor.


Do you have a school website we can view?

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