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Is anyone familiar with "Emotional Freedom Technique" Therapy

This EFT evidently was begun by a David Feinstein, who purports to be a PhD psychologist with several award-winning books to his credit, and his wife Donna Eden, a specialist in her own brand of energy therapy. Neither claims any training or expertise in any therapeutic massage modality. The only website to confirm Feinstein's academic credentials seems to be a site owned and operated by his wife.

Practitioners of this EFT claim to heal even combat PTSD with one or two sessions of talking and tapping--on forehead, back of hand, whatever--which quickly brings about emotional release.
What's more, the website claims that anyone can quickly learn to perform the same healing magic by watching EFT videos or buying Feinstein's books. His books, by the way, were all self-published.

Is this group, this therapy, this Feinstein and his wife legitimate? I'm trying to steer a fellow MT student away from this miraculous tapping therapy. Should I step aside..should I attend a training seminar with him???

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Comment by Julie Onofrio on November 22, 2010 at 9:00pm
EFT was founded by Gary Craig from what I understand if we are talking about the same thing. I think Donna eden trained with Craig - not sure about Feinstein.

I have a friend who really got into it and took all of the trainings and went through all of the dvd's and learned way on her own alot. It is way more than just doing the tapping and the statements. It is learning to ask the right questions really. My friend used it to work through her DID in conjunction with other therapies and personal work.
The site I know about is which some of the content was Gary Craigs.

I had my friend work on me once and she got to some interesting issues that I had never realized in a few minutes. I could never have figured it out on my own using eft though with just doing the tapping/sayings. It is really something way beyond that.

Comment by Daniel Cohen on November 16, 2010 at 6:32pm
I have been in EFT groups a few times and I know people who are trained and do EFT Therapy. It didn't work on my back injuries. They were positive that it would work. No results. From what I have seen it is a positive attitude therapy. The points that are tapped are said to be acupoints but they do not correspond to Chinese acupuncture as they claim. It will help for some emotional and even limited physical conditions where positive attitude and relaxation can help the healing. Of course there are many situations where it will work. Depending on the condition and cause as well as current attitude this might be helpful. Why not do the seminar with him? It will give you more understanding of the technique and you will be better able to give advice.

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