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Massage Therapy – An Effective Remedy For Stress and Pain

Do you remember your childhood days when your grandmother asked you to offer her a leg massage? If yes, chances are that you aren’t unfamiliar with the term “Spa and Massage Therapy”. Massage has, in fact, several uses to the human beings. Not only your grandmother felt better after having the massage on her legs, but also, pregnant mothers, sports persons or new born babies love to have massage for many different reasons.

Although, the reasons might be different, the end result is similar – all of them feel a sense of relaxation which is in itself a big achievement!

Massage Therapy is a Pure Magic…

The feeling is awesome, it’s a relaxing time when you have someone offering you a massage – means, that person is caring for you and genuinely trying to relieve you of the pain. You would feel stress free, get off of your sleeping disorder, and may find relief from your soft tissue injuries. Massage relieves the muscle tensions in hands, calf-muscles, legs and other parts of the body.

Feel relaxed and calm your inner side…

Massage, in short, can be termed as a safe and effective treatment of pain, tiredness and stress. Mostly, massage is offered to an individual by pressing, kneading or rubbing the affected areas of the body. It also can be done by tapping the affected areas while applying a little pressure. While there are several benefits to taking a massage therapy, you should know that it increases the blood circulation in that particular part of the body, which further helps soothe the muscles. The smooth blood flow helps to throw out toxins from that part of the body, making you feel relaxed of your pain and stress.

Importance of Oils

We all are known to the fact that oils do have medicinal properties. They help us to prevent several ailments and maintain a good health.

Here is a list of oils that are used in massage therapy:

1. Rosewood oil

2. Sandalwood oil

3. Amla or Gooseberry oil

4. Eucalyptus oil

5. Almond oil

6. Aroma oil and many more…

The modern day massage uses a combination of these oils to provide customers with a better sense of relaxation.

Certifications in Spa therapy

For aspirants, looking to make a career in massage and spa therapy will need certifications as per the govt. guidelines. It is highly recommended to choose a registered massage clinic to obtain the guidance. Nowadays, there are spa training courses provided by many spa training centers that guide the trainees through the critical aspects of offering a massage treatment. A therapist explains to the trainees about how the whole process works so you can be sure about you are learning it in the right way.

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