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Myofascial Release…Demystified

I just finished teaching a Foundations in Myofascial Release I in Hershey, PA this past weekend. As I interacted with many of the therapists who attended it became clear to me that Myofascial Release,
as it is often taught, blends so much esoteric material into the
coursework that the basics are often lost. I repeatedly heard that they
just did not understand how to connect technique, evaluation, and
treatment. The most important aspect of myofascial release, the “feel”,
was under emphasized.

I believe that this is a shame. So much time is often spent teaching the esoteric concepts, as well as pushing future classes, that students leave myofascial release training without a clear grasp of the basics.

Having a firm grasp on a deeper model of evaluation is essential for success as a therapist, no matter the modality. The “feel” of tissue restriction is one of the most important concepts in understanding this
work. Techniques are simply a means to elicit change. A thorough
understanding of evaluation leads you to logical conclusions in choosing
treatment. Leaving a seminar with confidence to make change, one based
on logical methods of evaluation and treatment, is key to a successful

Myofascial Release need not be shrouded in mystery. It is an easy to learn concept that should not require many thousand of dollars of investment or buying into mystical thinking.

The purpose of this post? Challenge authority, whether traditional or not.

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