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Nepali Massage DVD

We are excited to announce we have just completed our first instructional DVD, on Nepali Massage!

Learn a dramatically new massage therapy technique that is based upon centuries-old healing traditions in the Himalayas of Nepal.

With your DVD you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to apply medical and esoteric techniques using Himalayan Healer’s "hot stone pillows" (patent pending) partnered with hand-carved Tibetan prayer stones.
  • Gain knowledge about the 7 “animal” chakras of the lower body and how they are addressed in this unique massage technique.
  • Receive 16 CEU credits.

$60 per DVD (all profits directly support the work of Himalayan Healers in Nepal).

After purchasing your DVD we will confirm your order via email and ship directly to your address. Once your Nepali Massage DVD arrives you will be able to access additional educational materials including:

  • Instructional manual (for you to download and use)
  • 7 animal chakra chart
  • CEU study and test materials
  • Supplemental instructional video

Steve Capellini is also available to provide hands-on training and workshops at your massage therapy school or spa. Please contact us to learn more!

Health, Happiness, and Peace,

Rob Buckley
Founder / Director / Volunteer
Himalayan Healers

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Comment by Rob Buckley on April 19, 2012 at 8:45am

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the interest and the questions... the manual work is hands on massage therapy, with a variety of techniques including palms, palm circling, knuckle work, feathering, and pressure points (all instructed on our DVD).

100% of the manual therapy is taught on the DVD... :)

Yes, absolutely, the philosophies and intentions behind the technique are also explained. :)

Before "India" and "Nepal" existed as nations, ayurveda and other healing traditions abounded. Over the centuries, the tradition of massage in Nepal branched out and varied from the traditions in India. The massage technique is night and day different than the Kerala traditions of India, and is indigenous to Nepal, hence the name "Nepali massage". :)

Thanks for the interest Daniel! :) Please let me know if you any further ideas, questions, or suggestions! Rob

Comment by Daniel Cohen on April 19, 2012 at 8:28am

Could you describe the nature of the manual work? For those with clients of religions that would not allow the Tibetan Prayer inclusion is it possible to replace this with what would be acceptable to the client and still be effective within the framework of the system?

I am very interested in traditional therapy as I find it more inclusive and holistic than the parts that are adapted to modern massage and given modality names. I hope you will expand your website to give a fuller idea of the methods use and application. Currently traditional systems I use in my therapy sessions are Korean, Thai, and Hawaiian. While there are certain similarities, there are differences in each that add to the therapy and techniques.

How much of the manual therapy is taught in the DVD? And is the philosophy behind the therapy fully explained?
Is there a connection with any particular part of India in origin? Such as Thai originating with Northern style martial arts? Discovering regional therapeutic traditions is a great interest of mine and you have piqued my interest.

Comment by Rob Buckley on April 19, 2012 at 7:54am

Hello Daniel,

Yes, this is a massage therapy (ie: primarily manual), although there are energetic components and considerations to it. While the 2 are always interconnected, in the technique of Nepali massage the interconnection is a little more intentional and pronounced than in perhaps say "Swedish" massage.

The lower 7 "animal" chakras of the human body are addressed via intentional holds and pauses during the massage technique, and the "hot stone pillows" filled with Himalayan salt and Tibetan prayer stones have a certain intentional impact as well, on various levels.

Both physical and energetic benefits can be seen, however, the primary technique starts and focus upon physical (ie: manual therapy).

Please let me know if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions Daniel.

THANKS for the interest in our work! Health, Happiness, and Peace,


Founder / Director / Volunteer

Himalayan Healers

Comment by Daniel Cohen on April 19, 2012 at 7:40am
Is this primarily an energetic system? There is no mention of any type of manual therapy?

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