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I am new here with blogging and came to read others experiences with their passion.  It is mine, anyways.  However, for five years, I've been unemployed, since the whole country went into lay offs in resorts, or change in management because of it.  

I've been a therapist since 1997. 

I have been out of touch with much because of health and financial reasons and living now so far into the 'woods', literally, haven't been able to be back into working, yet.  However, feeling better and ready to jump back into it, just financially depleted to complete this move, yet.  My story is one of struggle of doing what I love....and not sure of the direction in my crossroad to go. 

Anyways, computer online isn't my specialty, however, I can figure things out, over time and practice. My son has set me up on much, as he is a, If anyone comes on here wanting to talk, please bear with me, in learning the system here, please.  I hope this is an active site....

I do have other sites I'm on facebook, and one on a 'help site' to help others....and blogging my own story of my path through my crossroad of life. 

I hope to read others passions.....and their why I am here. Not to really talk....but to listen to others and how they are surviving lately, since the country's changes with much.

Here is to making a change......some how....cheers. Look forward to getting to know you. 

Bows in respect and honor to all!


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Comment by Abram Herman on July 31, 2012 at 5:15pm

Welcome to Massage Professionals, we're glad to have you here!

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