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Hi folks,

This post was geared towards clients, however, you might find it useful for two reasons:

  1. As relatable personal experience;
  2. An example of a post using recognized resources and evidence to support MT practice.  

     We’ve all suffered pain; most of us try and avoid it - sometimes to our own detriment. Pain (and it's precursors) should never be ignored; rather, it should guide us. Pain in this sense has a purpose; to keep us from further injury. Take for example, low back pain (LBP). By the time you’ve reached your forties you’ve more than likely experienced some episode of pain, stiffness, and limitation in regards to your lower back. Often this resulted in time off from work, fun activities, and adequate sleep, to say the least.
       Which is why future episodes of LBP should guide your current decision making. If you’ve been raking the yard all morning and your back starts to hurt, do you acknowledge it and stop for the day or push on into the afternoon until the task is complete (regretting it the next morning)? How about road trips? You can drive until the full tank of gas is gone ignoring the dull ache that has slowly started creeping up your spine or you can stop every two hours to fill up and move around. With this change of position you improve your circulation through movement and it will make a difference to your body.


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