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Seeking massage schools to distribute our instructional DVD on "Nepali Massage"... fundraiser to build our school in Nepal

Himalayan Healers of Nepal

PO Box 3465 Grand Junction, CO 81502

(c/o Nepal Direct Effects, 501 c 3)


Namaste from Nepal!


My name is Rob Buckley and I am a volunteer at Himalayan Healers, the only school in the world that trains “Untouchables” in massage therapy ( “Untouchables” are a group of people that are not allowed in most homes, schools, or temples in India and Nepal, and even have their own separate water supplies. By training people who are considered too dirty to touch or be touched by in massage therapy profound levels of personal healing and growth occur. I have volunteered at Himalayan Healers for the past 7+ years, living at the grass-roots level in Nepal (I am also technically the Founder and the Director).

This year we have filmed the world’s first instructional DVD on Nepali massage (which has its roots in Ayurveda however it is dramatically different from Indian and Kerala massage techniques): I also gave a presentation at this year’s American Massage Conference.


My hope is that you and your school would be interested in offering our DVD for sale at your school either:

  • via your newsletter and media to current students and alumni,
  • and / or you would be willing to host a workshop at your school in which the DVDs are offered for all participants (simply by offering space at your school, screening the DVD, and practicing together an entire workshop can be conducted, with 16 CEUs approved);
  • If you are interested we can work out a schedule where your school receives a percentage of the DVD sales as well, creating a win-win environment for everyone involved.


100% of the profits on our side will go directly to support our efforts to finally purchase land and build our own school, rather than rent in the expensive capital city of Kathmandu. If we were able to sell 1,000 DVDs total we would be able to do just that.


For every person who purchases our DVD they will also receive 16 CEUs from my national provider number (they just need to complete the written test and either email or mail it in).


Last year our school was listed as “Top 10 Spa Academy in Asia” by the Asia Spa Association. Listed below are links to several media articles on our work:


If you and your school would please be willing to consider offering our Nepali Massage DVDs for sale at your school you would be providing a valuable, effective, and needed difference in our efforts to build our school in Nepal. As the only school in the world that trains “Untouchables” we are literally changing lives every day via massage. Your help would be greatly greatly appreciated, and would have a dramatic effect on the lives of those who truly need to experience the deeper meanings of massage.


As a side-note, I have worked completely on a volunteer-basis for the past 7+ years building our Himalayan Healers project. Your help will truly have a dramatic impact on our work, as every penny of support will go to our



Our humble goal is to sell 10 or more DVDs per massage school we contact, with an opening hope of selling 100 DVDs and a final hope of selling 1,000 total.


Together, we can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. THANK YOU for considering being a part of our efforts.


Please, if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions do let me know. I am always eager to connect, to share, and to learn. Health, Happiness, and Peace,



Founder / Director / Volunteer

Himalayan Healers



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