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Hello All

So I decided I might as well start a blog so people...... professional people in my field can me a honest...brutly honest thought on my views.....

Here i go......

So i just moved back to louisiana and i am ready to find new skills, new client's new lifes to touch....

I was in for a big shocker to how well individuals in louisiana fealt towards massage compared to californiaians....

i went from making my pockets feeling big as the titantc to feeling like being on the sinking titanic.....


I have bussiness cards, a website but only 4 or so clients......what to do ???


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Comment by Fayola Wilson on September 14, 2011 at 9:29am

 TOTALLLY LATE RESPOND, But here i go...

1. Reason for the Move

I got engaged as well as i need to finish my b.a. in Kinesiology and Health Studies. 

 2. Career Devlopment

I plan on opening  Small Wellness Center In Ponchatoula Louisiana as soon as i finish my B.A.

3. Website

I have a website via vista print which enables me to edit and update info a much as needed as well as its price effective for me in louisiana.

4. I have nooo idea where to start with marketing besides, twitter, facebook, lawn signs and care sign.......



I am staying with in



Comment by Julie Onofrio on November 22, 2010 at 9:06pm
Yes I would think that would be a big shocker!! Why did you move? (ha!)

Do you have a plan?
You need to have a content rich and search engine optimized website. How is your website getting out to people? Do you have it listed on all the local results pages at the major search engines?
It is also about creating a referral network of people who will refer to you.
Have a follow up program for the clients you do get to get more referrals and get them coming in more often.
Who is your ideal client? Figure that out and then you can do some targeted marketing instead of just looking for that needle in a haystack.

Marketing is just the process of telling people what you do. You have to spend time doing it everyday. Here is my big list of marketing tips and ideas:

Just stay with it!

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