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Hey all! There is a group of us on here that are uniting on Facebook as well. Please let us know where to find you on Facebook if you would like to participate! If you have a "personal" Facebook account, please "fan" those of us who are listing our Business accounts. Those of you who have "Business" accounts, please list each others business accounts on your "favorite" pages list. This is just to help each other out. I know, personally, that I have a lot of people who vacation all over the place and if they are going to your area, they have something that they can "identify" with. Our clients are much more likely to schedule an appointment with someone on vacation if they have a good referral! So, please get in on the fun and start networking!

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Give us a "like" at! :-)

Is anyone still doing this on here? its a smart move to try and get your name out all over the place. 

I Heart Massage Therapy

(located in Kernersville, NC)


Fan me! and post a quick "hello" on my page or msg so I can like your page and add as a favorite!


Thanks for posting this !


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