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Whether you own your favorite massage table or not, what is your favorite table and why?

If you had it to do over again, would you choose a different massage table than the one you have?

Share with other therapists, educators, and students:

  • Why you chose your massage table?
  • Was the price of your massage table the main factor when you purchased?
  • If you could choose any massage table for your practice right now, which would it be? Why?

Help others make this decision!

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Seems that most brands contain two height adjustment screws on each leg.  This is truly troublesome when one must change the height for the different modalities.  Two on each leg provides better stability? maybe...probably.  But for a few cents more those screws could be self-containing.   Gym exercise equipment requires several adjustments for all the different body types that use it, so each adjusting "screw" is a spring-loaded knob--you pull it out, make the adjustment, release it and it safely secures the equipment in the new position.  No winding of wooden screw heads 

I have two WellSpring table by Oakworks.  Great company, excellent quality, wonderful staff.  The Wellspring has telescoping legs making it ideal for quick height adjustments -- no knobs. 

Thanks, Diedre, I wasn't aware of the wellspring design.  For my next table



Oakworks is the best.  I have had an 'Athena' table for 11 years now and it still looks brand new!  My business is all outcalls so I am packing and unpacking my table numerous times a day and the table has proved to be extremely durable.  I bought the table when I was still in school and even though it was one of the most expensive tables on the market ($800 or so), I didn't want to skimp on quality.  They use a material called dura-leather which is a synthetic leather product and extra padding.  This added some extra weight to the table but it prevents my clients from bottoming out.  And even when I have had some massive humans (400 lbs.+) on the table, I've never worried about the table collapsing. 

And yes, adjusting the height on the table can take quite a long time with two screws on each leg.  But for me at least, a bigger design flaw is the padding on the bottom of the legs.  They wore out really quickly leaving the table to rest on screws which means every time I set my table up on a hard surface like tile or hardwood floors I have to put a towel under each leg so I don't scratch my client's floors.


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