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Its increasingly more important for massage therapist's to revise and keep up to speed their A+P knowledge.

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Seen any great anatomy vids ? let me know so I can put them here.......Thanks for joining

If you have only just completed your anatomy and physiology training then learning all the muscle origins and insertions will no doubt have been a challenge. The next challenge is to combine this knowledge with learning about the nervous system. 

Jean Claude Guimberteau at   is creator of some of the most mind blowing invivo video's you will ever see.His latest video Skin scar's and stiffness video has now been released purchase via this link. =,inflammation,dvd.php view some of his amazing video clips below.

WOW Gil Hedley has released his 4 dvd anatomy disection set to be veiwed on you tube. 

See below, thanks Gil :) 

In addition you may want to look at what is happening at the cellular level?. Here is the work of professor Bente Klarlund Pedersen, She has been studying hormone secretion from muscles  for over 10 yrs!. Joe muscolino's explaination of nerve conduction and neuroplasticity. Enjoy :)

More from Joe Muscolino on Fascia



Dr Tom Findley discusses findings from the research congress 2009 in a 4 vid series.

Ligaments are dynamic ???


Robert Schliep has made it onto German TV with a presentation on Fascia see above.

 The most recent fascia congress was in Vancouver  ( a DVD recording of of this congress will be made available later) 

Tom Myers You tube clip to promote his anatomy train dvd set = Facinating:)





Purchase at


The 2  video's above are from a series from J.C.Guimberteau, with some incredibe invivo shots.

And below let us not forget the main player, Seriously ! ask yourself how much do you really know about the nervous system and its direct effects on your treatment performance and outcomes. Please investigate DNM Dermo Neuro Modulation with Diane Jacobs. Check out this link to the digital online massage and bodywork magazine article you want page 88  =

She has developed a light touch technique that will be needed in every manual therapists toolbox. 

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FASCIA do you understand how your massage is effecting Fascia ?? 1 Reply

As massage therapists its becoming more and more obviouse increasing your understanding of your ability to effect the Golgi, Paccini, Ruffini and Interstitial/Free nerve endings in fascia is…Continue

Started by Stephen Jeffrey. Last reply by Michelle Wald Aug 9, 2013.

Gunter Von Hagens body world exhibition (real bodys) 11 Replies

Have you seen this exhibion ? How do you feel about it ?

Started by Stephen Jeffrey. Last reply by Michelle Wald Aug 9, 2013.

J.C.Guimberteau's compelling DVD, "Strolling Under the Skin" 2 Replies

I recently purchased this dvd and found its information challenged every concept I had of exactly " what is going on under your skin " re fascial systems, matrix formation, muscle function etc…Continue

Started by Stephen Jeffrey. Last reply by Michelle Wald Aug 9, 2013.

How did you learn your muscles ? was it fun or a real hard slog..(all those actions, origins and insertions.) 9 Replies

I found it a hard slog I spent 2 hours every day of the week trying to get this knowledge to stick. I was an athelete at the time and came to realize I knew didley squat about the muscles.

Started by Stephen Jeffrey. Last reply by Truc Dinh Dec 8, 2010.

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