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Gary W Addis, LMT
  • Male
  • Biloxi, MS
  • United States

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is this spa massage??
5 Replies

Five months ago, illness in the family forced my relocation from MS to GA so that my wife could care for her slowly dying mother.  In MS, I had a thriving private practice; in GA, I had to start from…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gary W Addis, LMT Feb 1.

needing a referral
1 Reply

Yesterday I treated a tourist who lives in Muskogee, OK.  On my table, her first experience with trigger point therapy.   I released four TPs, and she announced that she was pain free for the first…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gordon J. Wallis Jun 5, 2013.

Iconic Foot Bath Scam
6 Replies

When a client asked me to buy an Ionic Foot Bath for my shop, I investigated its claims, and discovered a slick scam.…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Abram Herman Nov 5, 2012.

The Client List
12 Replies

Are all of you aware of the sexualization of massage therapy being promoted by Lifetime Network's "The Client List" which will air beginning in April?  In this show, a beautiful young woman becomes…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gary W Addis, LMT Mar 5, 2012.


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Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"Just about everyone has a few tps, coming alive for a time, going back into latent mode till stress of some kind brings it roaring back.  You done good work, bro.  As you always do   "
Mar 27
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"Good job!"
Mar 22
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"I know.  Getting older is another stage of life.  In the beginning, we happily poop and pee in diapers and smile while mommy cleans our behinds, toward the end, we poop and pee in diapers but are embarrassed because our child must now…"
Mar 20
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"I could use a visit with you.  I have: a hiatal hernia, post nasal drip that's thick and causes coughing when it tries to slide down the back of my throat, intermittent abdominal bloating (and no appetite) followed by diarrhea every couple…"
Mar 19
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"some people NEED to feel the pain-- without it they wouldn't be feeling anything at all, emotions, etc."
Mar 16
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"Yeah, I had a similar experience with a client on Saturday.  But with a different outcome.  The young lady came in wanting relaxation massage, which I proceeded to give.  During the last few minutes, however, I stumbled on (I…"
Mar 14
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"Grinning.  I'm not dyslexic, but I'm a lousy typist...I mistype.  And in my old age, I just plain out msspell common words (I was a spelling bee champion for my school district in the 6th grade). "
Mar 12
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"Sigh.  Of course the CNS creates the pain, the CNS stops the pain-- when the reason the pain signal is initiated ends.  Intervention by MD's drugs or the skilled hands of a manual therapist coupled with the body's own healing…"
Mar 12
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Gordon J. Wallis's discussion A typical experience
"When an anesthesiologist puts a patient to sleep prior to surgery, is it the nervous system that prevents the pain, or is it the drugs coursing through the veins that block the nervous system's ability to send the pain signal?  Likewise,…"
Mar 12
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Stephen Jeffrey's discussion Post traumatic stress disorder.
"Martin, massage increases the release of seratonin and inhibits the release of cortisol, the stress hormone.  So, in my opinion, both as a combat vet myself and a massage therapist, it's a resounding YES that making massage available ASAP…"
Feb 25
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Bencharat Morarit's discussion Deep Tissue Massage
"you're spending a lot of time belaboring the point we ALL made (pressure is subjective).  I apologize if you inferred a personal insult from my comment.  No one impugned your experience as a massage therapist, but we applaud your…"
Feb 25
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Bencharat Morarit's discussion Deep Tissue Massage
"agree 100%.  In the one I work at, there's "relaxation massage" then there's "therapeutic massage".  (Therapeutic includes DT and MFR and AIS or any other thing that might have therapeutic effect.)  …"
Feb 18
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Bencharat Morarit's discussion Deep Tissue Massage
"You seem to have inferred criticism of you and your skills, Eileen,   Criticism was not implied!  In Referring to a comment made by Gordon Wallis (who has more than 30 years experience, thank you very much), you said, "Touch…"
Feb 15
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Ilaria Scott's discussion Trigger point treatment on psoas major muscle
"good answers. I'll try that psoas treatment"
Feb 12
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Bencharat Morarit's discussion Deep Tissue Massage
"Eileen, Gordon is a highly skilled massage therapist, arguably the premier trigger point specialist in the nation; his "touch" is to massage what a spice cabinet is to a top chef.  And as any great chef will tell you, it isn't…"
Feb 9
Gary W Addis, LMT replied to Vanessa Samaniego's discussion Terminated for declining Chemo Patient
"Sigh.  George, you are a strong advocate for your agenda.  You're stepping over the line, however, when you accuse me of hubris, a sin you, imo, commit in this discussion.  For you, sir, are sitting in judgment, informing us…"
Feb 5

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Swedish Massage, Integrative Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone, Sports Massage, Abdominal Massage, Myofascial Release, Chair Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Lymph Drainage, Golf Ball Massage

Gary W Addis, LMT's Blog

Is anyone familiar with "Emotional Freedom Technique" Therapy

This EFT evidently was begun by a David Feinstein, who purports to be a PhD psychologist with several award-winning books to his credit, and his wife Donna Eden, a specialist in her own brand of energy therapy. Neither claims any training or expertise in any therapeutic massage modality. The only website to confirm Feinstein's academic credentials seems to be a site owned and operated by his wife.

Practitioners of this EFT claim to heal even combat PTSD with one or two sessions of… Continue

Posted on November 16, 2010 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

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At 4:26pm on August 14, 2013, Wilson Jordan said…

Gary, I read your post and I wanted to be clear whether or not I understood your findings.  You were able to feel a pulse in the foot, with your fingertips but not with the palm of your hands while hold the adrenal location in the foot.  You didn't say anything about whether or not you were able to feel a pulse in the adrenal region in the low back. Do you agree with that? The fact that you could only feel the pulse with the fingers and not the palm means "the adrenal circuitry is weak" and is over producing. Why because it is there as you witnessed but it is  not there strongly, which would indicate optimum health or just being okay.  They can't be off because there is a pulse what left is over extension without rest, hence the pulse is weaken from fatigue.  Now other symptoms begin appearing and will not completely go away until that pulse is strong again in both locations (low back and feet).  Adrenal issues can be worked but it takes a different kind of time than the hourly clock, cause them adrenals and kidneys don't care about our regulations about time. Body time as you know is not same as hourly time.  I would like to continue to share about whomever you are practicing on. Not to find out about there condition but to offer another way of enhancing what we already know. And, once again I do apologize and especially thank you for "being willing" to find out personally if what I was speaking was of any merit. 

At 10:41pm on April 25, 2013, Linda LePelley, RN, NMT said…

That's an offer I'd love to take you up on, LOL!! I don't fly. But I'm gonna figure something else out -- I'll get back to you on it! We just got back from Indianapolis, I taught a class there, it was great. I don't know about couples massage, though, I only do treatment massage for pain these days. Now, if the couple is old and arthritic, that would work. :)

At 9:23pm on April 25, 2013, Linda LePelley, RN, NMT said…

Hello Gary! Thought I'd stop by and see how you are doing? Well, I hope!

At 3:08pm on March 31, 2012, Daniel Cohen said…

Gary, I am sure you will do well. Some chair massage is done simply by getting permission to wonder through the executive offices asking if some one wants a massage. I work with HR and get paid by the company for hours on premises and they are responsible for having employees sign up for times. We do 3/hour so it is divided into 20 minute segments but the actual massage is 15 minutes allowing for paper work and sanitizing.

I suggest you talk with an HR person at a nearby large company that has work injury claims related to soft tissue and give a demonstration. Stress the company benefits of less fatigue, reduced repetitive motion syndrome, mental alertness, and etc.

Another avenue is to talk to the manager of a busy store nearby and get permission to do scheduled chair massage for shoppers. You charge the shoppers and the store gets an added attraction for free. You can then rent out the space to other therapists when you are not available.

I am sure you already have ideas and with experience will fine tune it. If you want to run anything by me, I am available.

Welcome on board very soon.

At 2:48pm on October 3, 2011, Linda LePelley, RN, NMT said…

We converted a spare bedroom into my clinic because it has it's own door to the outside. My work spaces look cramped because I can't walk any more. I just took the legs off my massage table, use a rolling task chair to get around it, and keep all my supplies close at hand. Haha!! I was so devastated when I realised I couldn't do "proper" massage anymore. I decided I was was "ruined" anyway, so I just tossed the rules on proper body mechanics and went about my business with the idea that I would just use up whatever was left of me doing the work I love. More than seven years later now, and I am no worse off because of it.

At 12:55pm on August 19, 2011, michael anthony said…
thanks , yea everything you say is true but we shall see what we shall see , i just got done with a class from garry adkins on sciatica was great and he is great as well check that out its a eye opening
At 9:07am on August 19, 2011, Daniel Cohen said…

Gary, I am not an Acupuncturist. Among my modalities I do Acupressure and KMT, a Korean form of Deep Tissue.

I agree with you, this sounds like a need to change therapy and apparently therapist.


Trigger point. Myofascial and Acupressure are what I would try. Acupressure goes very deep so don't give up on it along with acupuncture. Most Korean and Chinese MTs do this.

I wish the friend luck in finding the solution.

At 10:36pm on June 29, 2011, Kristy Savarese-Gerald said…

Hey Gary! It was great seeing you in a class with me finally! If you need any help with any of your classes just let me know!


At 10:55pm on May 12, 2011, Boris Prilutsky said…

thanks for friendship Gary.



At 2:42pm on April 13, 2011, Stephen Jeffrey said…

Hey Gary thanks for this

I may have to read it over and over but def get some good from it cheers man :)


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