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Hi ! offering now, the expansion of the idea of bone washing as the technique for clearing cherished wounds........ One thing is true in bodywork. there are franchises for all techniques.  Actually not this one. deep tissue or 'zero balancing' can seem like such, but the approach here is the balance of breath, touch, intention, and holding the space focused on the concept of the authority of the spiral. ... wich is best understood as the drain of the sink. or tolet.  when that  law of gravity is  present in both receiver and giver... the process of celular release is phenomenal. I hope this helps you, it has certainly made my work for the toughest of complaints for recurring pain child's play.

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Comment by Daniel Cohen on September 13, 2011 at 11:00am
Harry, the use of acid/alkaline confuses me. Is this the actual translation of the Hawaiian terms or is it a representation of a Hawaiian concept? Blood pH is regulated to stay within the narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45, making it slightly alkaline. One way or the other makes problems. The pH is mainly regulated by the respiration and urination. Has there been any study of arterial gas to determine pH changes during healing. I am very interested in this method of adjustment through relaxation with breath.
Comment by Daniel Cohen on September 9, 2011 at 7:19pm
Thank you for the very interesting lesson.
Comment by Harry Uhane Jim on September 9, 2011 at 7:09pm

Totally no relation to xi sui jing, or bone marrow washing of Qi Gong. i know that exercise,  it works. 

This kind of Bone washing is not available with  other island lomi lomi ideas.   Case observation: 

14 year old has a bad arm and is pitcher for High School. The first choice for the team.  Mom and dad Both come in with him, totally concerned The " season ' is over..... the Son: Devon,  is unable to grasp, and 'wind up for force.. to push the  ball over the home plate......  we sit him down, ask mom to leave, and the men is in the room. Why?  Smal room. " Ok Deven, Breath deep from  tummy. push your breath in your nose, and out your mouth. 30. breaths.  in the mean time i ask of the father the other attempts tried.  Chiropractor says 2x a week of him  and no baseball for the season,. So Thoracic # 3 can Stabilize.  Dad rages Bull" shet".  i ask dad to 'flush that'." i dont' need conflicting sucess with fustrations. " I sternly command.  he bows, and ask 'what are you going to do. ? I is say it's already  started,. Devon is done breathing with full effort, and i ask him to start over. Why/? he has a lot of pressure on him and he is exhausted.  The breath sets the cycle for moving the blood chemistry from Acid to alkaline.   No healing is done in acid. acid blood is good for Treatments from chiropractors, but in lomi lomi we use breath to Alkaline the body.,  much like seep does to generate dream state.   I suggest, that the right, hand is heavy at the tips of his fingers and that he should consider pushing his breath out his pointer finger. he begins the focus to push energy out the finger.   Dad quiets, and is signals he's ready for a cigarette.  'Stay here Please"........ now. and after we have prepared the body.. with breath, and breath only.. we begin at the Scapula. rub small circles light on the bone light touch, but penetrating the muscles till Tension starts to lift, and run down the hand.  i ask dad. help  what?.  pull your Son's finger easy, the pointer. The one he pushing his breath into. 'oh wow' what is that i'm feeling in my hand he ask!  the tension energy in the scapula i say, and the tension energy in the diaphragm of the lung, Right, i Say.   'he says, why am i holding his finger?  So you have something to do. i say.   now. focus on Devon."  Wish him better" 

i move pass the scapula and penetrate the deltoid freeing insertions to hold normal contractions.   Devon Ask what what? i can't figure out what is happing? you feel too happy. you were lead to believe this was a painfull healing.. "bull shet,  flush that".  this is breath' full , and only that.   'i keep finding spaces to just tap the bone, and carefully  not push on the soft skin of the bone too hard.  Down to the elbow, through the bottom of the triceps.  past the elbow, i keep tapping and spreading open the two bones in the forearm..  Dad's getting exited.,'i can seem to let the cigarette break go right now' listen please i say. Breath deep, there is enough nicotine in your lungs now. to hold this space. 'hold space'? ..".i do not know what that is he  says". ... i should of picked the mother.   by the time I tap on the wrist bone the bone washing is complete the miss alignment in the T # 3 , is released.   The hand is beter i ask Devon to stand up. tap on the wall and claim  the arm back as a part his  well  mind without the strain of the bone locked.   Dad says. thank you. i say thank you. Devon  may comeback for another issue but this is done. dont' come back if it's just sore, Aspirin works better than me for that. So friends, did you see it? it is a matter of focus and creating the drain for the stress energy in Alkaline.         we all had a good day. aloha!    The main reason we have and go to workshops is to master these simple steps, for repeatable success..... So if that is not available, dont' worry, practice with a friend No harm possible here!  your receiver is in alkaline.                                    

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