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maui face plant 2009

this month has been an awakening of sorts...two weeks ago, i was going to a

massage appointment with a 50 pound bag of you may know,

seasalt baths are a great way to detoxify the body and to mineralize the body.

i was putting the bag down onto the dolly, onto the loading platform when the metal

handle pivoted on to my head with the force of the salt behind it. i was whacked but

as a working mom, i was oblivious to the pain and i trudged onto my work with no

regard to my well being.

in the past two weeks, i have had headaches, dizziness, nausea and depression...from

the injury. i have gone to have a bodytalk session with cress spicer and acupunture with

dr. jenny mah as well as i am booking time with my osteopath,bradley cornwell

i have gone to my doctor for her opinion but as a doctor, she did not give me much in the

way of advice other than to tell me that i had have a concussion and that i am going to have

to respect and rest my body as it heals.

it has a been a great lesson on concussion and the body's ability to voice its needs. i have

had to have time to just sleep and to also know that i am injured. as i recalled, this is my

fourth head injury in my 50 years of living. once when i was a small child, swinging, i fell off

of the swing and landed on the back of my wonder i had frightening headaches in

my teens. then when i fell off of a cliff in the grand canyon in 1992, compared to my other

more motor related traumas, my thinking was not the priority in that assessment. still i did

have a split on the head that pumped blood from the wound and i was i am sure in shock from

the whole incident.

as well i fell off of an 10 foot wall in maui one year. two black eyes and a broken nose. my

face felt like that monster from the halloween movie, fractured into sections of bones, compressed

by my free fall from the coconut tree i was climbing. i really think that if the surface that i

fell from was rock, i would have been dead but the sand was insulative and i survived with a few

cuts and bruises. i am still feeling the somatic imprint of that time, even now three years later.

now this one, being so isolated, i am recalling that brain injuries are accumulative. the brain

does not forget all the incidents. it keeps a file of the trauma and the dramas so that in time,

with skilled practitioners, the wound can be unwound. as more and more people are learning

the capacity of the computer and its functions of memory, i am learning that the body has a

skilled capacity to heal as well as record incidents to be dealt.

some of us are fortunate to see that capacity to store and work on the tapes.

others go on to exhibit the reactionary symptoms

but never touching on the source reason for the reactions. they go on creating new situations

to awaken the lessons to be learned. we are all unique in our journey. ultimately we die with

all our stories...hopefully we will have the time and good fortune to heal and recover so that the

life we are living is received on clean recording, not over layered over something that may fester

into disease.

albertine phan, classic homeopathy practitioner recommended high number arnica i mille and gaia subren

also mentioned arnica in the higher numbers, her suggestion was 200cc.

i wish you wellness on your journey,

i welcome you to my healing world...smoking hot!

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Comment by Moneca Yardley on February 8, 2012 at 8:24pm

thanks daniel...i have been down there three times this last year, i am part of millionaire minds...i was down doing world's greatest marketing course and  freedom trader.  as well i was there for a lunch on the way to maui...i am sure i will be back soon.  i am a SAD person and i need to create a southern location so that in the winter i can get the sunlight i need...the autonomic reactions are coming fast and furious, now that i am over 50.

Comment by Daniel Cohen on February 8, 2012 at 4:17pm

Yes it is among my modalities. I'm in Los Angeles.

Comment by Moneca Yardley on February 8, 2012 at 3:27pm

i have a gal maya who is in los angeles until today...i have booked with my osteopath...hi daniel...where are you you do cranio.  yes i realized that telling stories about others is not as poignant as me telling my own stuff.  as is, i am doing my best to rein it in so that i can monetize the healing path in the form of blog and podcasts.need to get out of bodywork on others and get more for myself...

Comment by Daniel Cohen on February 8, 2012 at 12:45pm

Nice story, is there anyone near you doing Craniosacral Therapy? It might be of help.

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