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Checking out other massage practices is something I enjoy, especially when traveling. It gives me new ideas and it's
just cool to see how other massage therapists conduct themselves. This summer I went to Central America and had massages in both Honduras and Guatemala. In Honduras, I stayed at La Casa de Cafe, a B&B in Copan, where two of the staff provided massage for the guests in an outdoor ramada right next to my room. It had a roof with open walls on three sides and billowing white curtains that offered privacy yet allowed the breeze in. The massage ramada was equipped with a sink, lighting, a few shelves for storage and over looked a dewy pasture where cows quietly grazed.

The therapist that worked on me was a local with one year of experience. She'd graduated from a 500 hour program in Sao Paula, which is the nearest city and about an hour away. She listened and honored my request...

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