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I was debating weather to put this on the Typical Experience thread or make it a new thread. I decided to make it a new thread because its a bit different. Rightly or wrongly it shows the way I think on things. A while back a new client came in.. Well she almost canceled her appointment. Because of severe Quadriceps pain. She says she has been dealing with this a long time.. A lot of times she feels fine.. Then all of a sudden this down to the floor intense pain kicks in.. Like out of nowhere. Sometimes its the left quadriceps, but this time its the right Quadricepts. To make things even worse her appointment was up stairs. She almost canceled again right then and there.. And of course she has seen all the usual players in the pain field.. And no one can figure it out. She says that it feels like a pinched nerve. She also comented that her low back and neck sometimes bothers her.. But not anything like the Quadriceps. Well I don't know how many times Ive heard Pinched Nerve when it was really Trigger points. So Im thinking right away. Trigger points in the Quadriceps. Duhhh... I know from experience that no one else is thinking Trigger points. However when I palpated her Quadriceps I found no tender points.. None at all? And there are not really any Trigger points that refer pain to that area from a far.. So?? This pain is Refered pain.. Could this person be one of the few that really has a pinched nerve? Seems so. Now I know that 70% to 85% of all pain comes directly from Trigger points( Travells stats ). But I also know that Trigger points are involved in 95% of all pain syndromes.. So I looked on my Dermatome chart and could see that most of the Quadriceps are inervated from the nerve root at L2. So I palpated her lumbar spine to see if any Trigger points were in that area.. And sure enough there was a very painful spot on the right of L5 ( or right near that area ). Her pain was on the right Quadricep, the very painful point was at the right side of L5. But some of you might be thinking, whats a painful spot on the right of L5 have to do with the Quadriceps that are inervated mostly from L2???? After all, L5 inervates the leg and foot below the knee. But here is the deal.. L5 is inervated mostly from the nerve root of L2...The nerves that come out of L2 controle the L5 area. So there is the Quadricepts connection. I was able to quickly deactivate that very tender spot on the right of L5....Now I also know ( without a doubt ) that there is a relationship between the Lumbar spine and Cervical spine ( in order to make sure the eyes are parralle to the ground ). I don't think very many people realize that except a few Rouge Chiropractors... And sure enough her right posterior neck had a couple noticible tender points that I was able to deactivate quickly.. The left side of her neck was fine.. Now I don't know if I cured her pain deal or not... But she left feeling good and pain free.. So I did not make things worse, and all the Tender Points made sense as far as Quad pain goes.. Anyway, Trigger points were involved, as usual. I will load some attachements that sort of visualize what said in here. But I can only load on attachment at a time..

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